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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Raya 2005

"indahnya sungguh dihari raya... ramainya orang bersuka ria... sanak saudara..."

aku dah luluskan cuti budak-budak aku... tapi cuti aku? nampaknye macam tak balik beraya la aku tahun ni, ingatkan tak balik raya pertama, raya kedua bleh la balik kampung... tapi macam tak dapat jek... Arggghhh!! dah la dah setahun tak balik umah... tak kira time raya aku nak gi gak solat raya.. operation tak operation lepas habis selesai khutbah raya kat utp baru aku masuk keje...

awek2 pun dah nak balik kampung masing2... tapi bukan awek aku la.. awek org lain.. awek aku? insya'allah nanti akan jadi awek aku gak nanti... sapa pasang lagu raya time aku keje memang nak kena lempang...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Balik Kampung?

Yesterday, I went for jumaat prayer in UTP and they already utilize the new mosque which my company will supply electricity and chilled water for the mosque air conditioning system. And last night I perform my terawih prayer there. Everything was like before back in year 2002 and 2003. It’s just that the question comes from SMS. After terawih prayer I drove home, change my clothes and drive straight to the plant for performance test. It is performance test for black start diesel generator. All the test only completed after 2 and half hours, and I went home at 2am.

Today I went to the office at 10am. Parked my car without reverse parking and went straight into control center room and ignoring the plant manager. Firstly discussing with my partner about effluent system performance test and PA system performance test. For PA system performance test CCR staff played “RAYA” song. First time in my life when I heard that song I felt sad. Why? Because when UTP utilize the new mosque, we must supply our electricity and chilled water to the mosque for RAYA prayer.

It reminds me about my mum voice when I say I’m not sure whether I can go home or not during Raya Puasa holiday. Her voice was different, I know she feel sad about it, but still she encourage me to work hard. For this Raya, what ever happens in the morning still I will perform my raya prayer first and think about the rest later. Went home? Yes I will but I don’t know how many days, since I am the head of operation it is my responsibility to keep this plant running efficiently.


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