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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kuantan decades later

Last weekend, my wife and I went to Kuantan just for vacation just to chill out from work stresses after a long 3 months of engine exchange works and engine problems. It is time to release everything and get to be at serene and peaceful place specifically sandy beaches and nice vacation hotels.

We arrived in Teluk Cempedak around 2pm since there’s some road maintenance work on going at the highway. Maybe the road project commence because holiday season is over and not many people travel thru the east-west highway. After lunch at the beach front restaurant, we checked in at Swiss Garden Hotel Kuantan. We get a nice room facing the Hotels swimming pool.

After resting for a while we went to the beach, it was one of beautiful beach of South China Sea in Malaysia beside Nexus Karambunai beach. That evening only a couple of foreigners swimming and one foreighner were para-surfing. That was my first time seeing how the surfer controls their parachute to surf at the surface of the sea wihout wave.

After a while swimming, we get to our room to change and head to Kuantan. Many developments transpire Kuantan since I left in 1998. I went back to my former college and it reminds memories about the past where I experience culture shock, personal changes, and etc for last ten years.

That night we had dinner at Tanjung Lumpur, one of the famous seafood areas in Kuantan. We tried large tiger prawns(quite expensive) and the special menu “sotong bakar petai” it taste great but we could not finish all since we were too full. Many great place to dine in at Kuantan, the thing that’ must be tried is the otak-otak and keropok lekor.

On the third day we check out earlier because I have some matter to settle in Awana Kijal (job interview hehehe). We planned to drop by at the Otak-otak stall that we ate before, but unfortunately the stall was closed that day. Thus we head home with just a bag of Keropok lekor bought at Terengganu.


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