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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Seven Days After 2009 Raya

Today, it’s the 7th day of Aidil Fitri and I’m already back at KL. I “balik Kampung” with my wife a day earlier than before, It’s on early Friday morning 3a.m. I never drive at this time before from KL to KB. But to avoid the traffic jams so I decided to drive that early. Although it was just few hours pass midnight the vehicle passing the toll plaza never ends. All leaving the city. It was a normal 7 hours drive, and I arrived home around 10. A day before raya we give a present to our parent, a Bonia handbag to my mum and a new Nokia phone to my father.

Well it was somewhat unusual since I was small the celebration seems not so happening. One of the reason was because my mum was not well after undergoing a first chemotherapy, so my mum could not visit anywhere during hari raya, just sat home and have a rest. It’s the time when her immune system was at the lowest point.

The maid at home was not that helpful. I wonder how this type of maid could get a job as a maid. Sometime I feel so damned piss with her. Other things that my mother ask her to do, the opposite thing she did. She even eat all my mum’s meal (suitable meal for patient under chemotherapy that will not affect the body). Thank god, my younger sister was transferred to Terengganu from Sarawak, at least she could get home every weekend. Sad for me I have to work in KL, if there were many jobs I could apply for in Kota Bharu, I might apply, but there’s not much except for a Japanese semiconductor company that Japanese speaking ability was preferred. So here I am again in KL, communicating just through phone…


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