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Friday, March 13, 2009

Melayu Mudah Lupa

“Melayu mudah lupa” that was said by Tun Dr. M. years ago. The three words if translated in English are “Malays simply forgets”. If you’ve been in Malaysia knowing the typical type of Malay people (not all but a numbers of them) then u will understand why Dr. M was saying that before.
This was not just happen in everyday life among friends, family and colleague. It happens everywhere. But this should not happen in a professional organization where professionalism was utilized and always been stressed among the people in the organization. But ‘Melayu mudah lupa’… it does happened.
Why do I write about this? It’s because it happens to a group of people who was given a promise for a certain job and effect to me and my entire subordinate. Who made this? By a well-known ‘professional’ national company that made a promise and broke it. They are well known for professionalism and trainings for perfection in all aspect and spend millions of Ringgit just for professional trainings. What it the meaning of professional in their minds? What is the meaning of promise that they make? All this promise was made by the higher management of the company (the general manager) and when they are questioned why? The answer is simple “this is ‘business’” (it is actually not a business for the whole organization but for the benefit of himself) - maybe this person will get certain amount of shares from the things so called ‘business’.
Do they think about others (hundreds of workers, contractors and clients) who really depend on the promise or contracts? I don’t think so; this lazy ass is just thinking of fulfilling his own greed. Thank to god that I’m not in the so called professional-national-organization. If I am, I would be ashamed working in an organization with that type of leadership. But from what I see, it’s not just happen at that level but including the engineers and even non-executive who were so proud and arrogant just because they work in that organization. Who cares with your arrogances? In my eyes they’re so damned PATHETIC!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lunch Hour Talks

Today, I followed my colleague for lunch with consultant this time at different place, during that hour, many things discussed and when it comes to political talks... it started with political situation in Perak, then Altantuya, then submarines, then… (you might know where it heads to). But during this hour I discovered something that not many Malaysian knows… it’s about how the C4 bomb was set, whose the real culprit behind it, who actually the first witnessed and etc… it was not publish in Malaysian news, but published in France from A to Z. soon when the story was completed in a book maybe later on published in France. Or maybe there will be published in Harakah… then you will know what I’m talking about.

May god help us with new __________ (censored) tuuuuuut………


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