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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Car Mileage

See my car mileage after nearly a year and a half the mileage suppose to be more than 
25000km, but now only 23124km? why? because of the petrol price... even though my car model engine wins the international fuel saving car of the year, tak kira la, aku nak blame paklah gak!

nak gi makan angin jauh-jauh pun think twice... now just using it to go to work everyday. but next week balik kampung bro! balik kampung kena la bawak balik keta, lain macam kalau takde transport kat hometown. haha... after balik kampung the mileage reach the usual target kot...

low mileage lagi OK ape..

PS:menteri penerangan lak time soal jawab kat TV last 2 weeks lain orang tanya ke lain lak yang dijawabnye. kayu betul la! menteri KAYU!!! dah PM kejenye TIDO! macam Tunggul!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Watch

Yesterday night after a long drive from Putrajaya IPP visit. I stopped at one store to replace my Casio wrist watch battery. It’s been a month since the watch run out of battery. I like the watch so much in my whole life it was maybe the fifth watch that I wear. It’s my favorite watch.

I bought the watch in March 2000, I replace the battery in late 2003 and replace again the battery yesterday. But today I only wear the other Watch because one of the supports of the black watch was broken because of the Levi’s tragedy. What happened? Only I know about it. It happens in my hometown at my house.

Why do I like the watch so much? Maybe it’s because I buy it when I am still a university student where at that time I don’t have as much money as other student have. I only depend on my study loan money. Other students normally ask extra money from their parent, but I don’t. I don’t want to burden my parent, I can live independently. Although it was a difficult life during that time, I have strength to endure it, succeed and continue life as usual. From there I learn to be better man everyday. And that’s what made me today.

I don’t know what else I should write maybe a standard five Malay language essay “aku seutas jam tangan” hehehe…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sardine Ride...

This is the story of the last 2 days when I was going to work, this time by taking the trademark public transport in KL, the Putra LRT… booo… the last time I ride the LRT for work was last 3 months. Long eh?

At first my wife drive me to Wangsa Maju station, that day I was late, it’s already 0800hours when I was at the station. Nobody was buying the ticket at the counter, maybe because I was late or maybe others start using the monthly pass after the petrol prices boost because of that stupid PM.

Then I take the escalator up slowly ahead to the next level I started to see a swarm of people waiting for the train. Damn! Last time it’s not this crowded if I wait maybe I will be the fifth or seventh to get my turn. So I take the train heading the other way coz the putra terminal was just 2 stations away. And there are some other passenger taking the same train.

Once arrived at the station only a few leave the train seems like the other using the same strategy haha… I didn’t sit but stand just beside the door to make sure ease to move out from the train, but I’m standing on the opposite door where I suppose to exit. When the train arrived at the next station the train was almost full. Once arrived in Wangsa Maju station, guess what? The train already becomes human sardines can! This is a lot worse than last 3 months!

So I just stayed until the train reached the KLCC station. And most of the passenger exit there, it was a relief when I’m out of the train. Government should improve the public transport and amplify the frequency of public transport schedule.

Whatever it is people should blame Pak Lah… he’s the culprit of all Malaysian problems. “Short” live the PM!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Whole 2 Days

Last week engine exchange work need to be postponed, nothing we can do when it was fount that the generator was offset, so it needs to be re-metalling. The contractor supervisor already “pening” doesn’t know what to do for the following days. Alas he went home to his hometown before anybody else. Since every work needs to be postponed I took the chance to go home too. Don’t want to stay longer after three weeks in a row working. Don’t want to feel like “mati kutu” till the generator arrived in three more days.

The generator was supposed to transport to site on Saturday evening and normally arrived on Sunday morning. Since it was so, I decided to go home. My wife will not be at home the following week, everyone will be out for vacation next week except me who have to stay at site during this major maintenance work.

At home as planned last week we celebrated our first anniversary. Since it was the first time we celebrate at a new place better than Restaurant Seri Angkasa at KL tower with a good price too. With fast service and nice western meal we were very satisfied. We went home full till I felt quite hard to breathe hehehe…

On Sunday its time to buy something as a gift, I already got my gift from my wife, but my wife still didn't know what she wants. Last week she said she wanted a Tissot watch the price is ok too but when we went to the watch gallery to buy one she can't make her mind to buy one… she still valued her existing watch that she always wore. Wanted to buy jewelry for her but she refused. Then both of us don’t know what to get.

At last she decided to get a sunglass so that she could use it during the vacation next week. First we went to Carrefour Wangsa Waju, she didn’t found any sunglass that fit and attractive to her, even though we haven’t seen and try all the displayed sunglass there. Then we went to Berjaya Time Square, the first optical store we went... nothing interesting… second… still nothing... Third... found one Emporio Armani, when I see the price... I said to my self “biar betik!” to wear for few times the price was same with Expensive Tissot watch!(if it is Tissot watch I don’t care) so I decided to survey to other optical shop there. No other store sell the same item except for one, but the price is even higher! So I suggest why not we survey the price at other place.

Then we went to Focus Point Tesco Ampang, then somewhere in Gombak, then somewhere in Setapak we were informed that the sunglass was a new model, not arrived yet, then some other place in Gombak again we found Focus Point. There, the sales person checked the directory of the Armani model number thru the company computerized system, guess what? There’s one unit of the same model in Carrefour Wangsa Maju, the first shop we went earlier that morning!

After Maghrib prayer we went to find something in PETRONAS Station. Then we went again to Carrefour Wangsa Maju surprised to see the store was about to close earlier than before and we were even more astonished seeing every single person face like just saw a ghost (pucat lesi) and the jewelry store beside was already closed. Seems like a crowd was curious for what just happened before we arrived. Before the store closed I entered the store like nothing happened, I think if there’s a cut in their face, no blood will flow out I think.

Then we asked what happened? They said that the jewelry store beside was robbed. It was an armed robbery with a shot fired and someone was injured. And at the store we found the sunglass we’re looking for, for the whole day that day but with a 30% discount. See better deal what? But it takes us the whole day!

On the way out I walk in front of the jewelry store that was already barricade with police investigation tape. This is all Pak Lah’s fault, he increases the oil price drastically, many people will become desperate, and crime rate will increase. Last time I heard a robbery a day after it happen now I heard it 5 minutes after it happened. Alhamdulillah, we went to the petrol station first, if not maybe we were just in front of the the crime scene when the shot fired.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Busiest Day Ever

From previous years working in this plant... yesterday was the busiest day ever! Its not just two or three contractor involved in the plant, but FIVE! This is excluding the vendor and supplier.

I came at 8 as usual; attend the morning meeting and signing permits. Normally after the meeting I have my breakfast but I had my breakfast at 11. Then I continue verifying contractors work with the owner, one of the contractors completed the work at 4, and then I had my lunch after that.

Later on yesterday I attended the daily engine exchange progress meeting. Meeting was as usual several percentage completed (26%) until they discussed about transmitter improvement. The turbo machinery specialist asks me to make the justification. With all this fucking busy moment he wants me to make justification! Then I relentlessly object “WTF should I make the justification!” it’s Solar who suppose to make the shit…

Every eyes fix on me… some seems shock, some blur and my boss slowly whisper to do the justification together to pacify the situation. But I am still unsatisfied and tell that bossy so called ‘specialist’ “this should be turn out from Solar” now those two solar just agree silently nodded.

If today that person requests me to do something I’m oppose to carry out, I’ll make sure he’ll get a harsh word indeed.

Monday, July 07, 2008

First Anniversary

Today was our first anniversary. We were married on 07/07/2007. However, due to my work responsibility of this major maintenance I have to postpone the anniversary dinner to another date with my wife.

And later on this night I ask my wife where we should have the anniversary dinner. I gave some choices whatever famous dinner place around KL. And she gave her own choice “how about KL Tower?” hmmm… sounds interesting. Hmmm… well… KL tower it is then.

However, after our conversation I realize, the day passes by just like that. Hopefully the second one could be celebrated on time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

GTG-A engine exchange

It’s been more than a week now working including Saturday and Monday, this is the first major maintenance of a co-gen Plant turn around after 5years of operation. I think all this month would be a twenty four seven works… work… and work…

It is not that I am not used to this, I’m used to this when I’m still a bachelor, but now I’m married and my age is going to be 30 soon. I think there is a change in my biological system and control. Today I woke up at 0800hours which is better than yesterday when I woke up at 0930hours. After shower I notice my nose was bleeding, some part of my newly wash towel turns light red color of my blood. I just ignore it until it stops itself.

It’s been a week I didn’t met my wife, but only see her thru video call thru my new Nokia last night. Handling once in 5 years heavy maintenance was quite boring though, everything was done by the contractors my job was just to supervise and get anything needed in time. Being the head of department with the major maintenance work was something frantic. Have to be on site, have to complete the report and et cetera in a time.

Old engine and generators have been removed and still waiting for new engine replacement tentatively this afternoon. Hmmm… I better start typing my report in the CMMS by now or else I will forgot the detail when Monday start.


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