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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Transfer again

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me. I don’t think the correct word to describe it maybe I should replace it with very very extraordinary hectic handover week. From my previous handover experience since I started working, the one who receive the handover task should feel the stress and load.

But this time it was different, since most of the time they rely on me, it seems that they want everything could be settle before I go away. Maybe they still don’t really know well about my replacement personnel. Or maybe because he is far older than I am. But I’m sure everything will be ok when I transferred. I hope…

At first I’m worried my transferred letter was not transmitted yet in the early week, but then I feel secure when I receive it saying I will be going in a month. But the soon to be my new workplace start calling to expedite my handover. It’s still okay until I receive another transfer letter saying I have to report duty 2 weeks earlier to cover that area and build an organization there. There are pros and contras; the pro’s is I can get away from all this workload earlier and my rank and experience will be developing furthermore and the experience was hard to get anywhere else. Just the contras are I have to start moving stuff from my house on the double...

Well I have 5 days left… better start pack up my stuff


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