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Monday, December 22, 2008

Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Are you really in love? Or do you think that you are in love? There is a big difference between Love and infatuation. Some people can’t tell the difference, thinking they are in love but really it is a deep infatuation. Infatuation is instant desire - one set of glands calling to another. Love is friendship that has caught fire. It takes root and grows, one day at a time. Infatuation is marked by a feeling of insecurity. You are excited and eager, but not genuinely happy.

There are nagging doubts, unanswered questions, little bits and pieces about your beloved that you would just as soon not examine too closely. It might spoil the dream. Love is the quiet understanding and mature acceptance of imperfection. It is real. It gives you strength and grows beyond you - to bolster your beloved. You are warmed by their presence, even when they are away. Miles do not separate you. You have so many wonderful little films in your head that you keep replaying.

But near or far, you know they are yours, and you can wait. Infatuation says, “We must get married right away. I can’t risk losing them.” Love says, “Be patient. Don’t panic. Plan your future with confidence.” Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. Whenever you are together, you hope it will end in intimacy. Love is not based on sex. It is the maturation of friendship, which makes sex so much sweeter. You must be friends before you can be lovers.

Infatuation lacks confidence. When they’re away, you wonder if they’re cheating. Sometimes, you check. Love means trust. You are calm, secure and unthreatened. They feel your trust, and it makes them even more trustworthy. Infatuation might lead you to do things you will regret, but love never steers you in the wrong direction. Love is an upper. It makes you feel whole. It completes the circle. It fills the empty space in your heart. Love is elevating. It lifts you up. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person than you were before. If you have love in your life, it can make up for a great many things you don’t have. If there is no love in your life, whatever else there is has a lot less meaning. The secret of our being is not only to live but to have something to live for.


Infatuation is a feeling; real love involves a commitment also. Infatuation is just love of emotion. Real love, though, is love of devotion. Only the emotions are affected in infatuation, but in real love both the emotions and the will are involved. Next, a person “fall into” infatuation, but “grows into” real love. Guys, have you ever seen a girl who was so beautiful that you thought you’d faint? This is infatuation! It is based totally on physical attraction.

Often you don’t know much in-depth about the person you so-called love. Thus, infatuation is mostly biological. Also remember, never tell a girl you love her, unless you are willing to marry her. Then, infatuation is basically selfish where real love is basically selfless.Infatuation is more interested in satisfying yourself and the feeling than it is in the other person. Real love is primarily interested in the other person. It seeks to give instead of get.. Love unselfishly seeks the highest good for the other person.

Lastly, infatuation is weakened by time and separation where real love is strengthened by time and separation. This does not mean that there will be no pain in separation. On the contrary, there is great pain in separation if you are truly in love.

Now you know what is infatuation, we will go on to discuss about the details of a true love. Love is patient. The word translated “patient” means to wait patiently for the fulfillment of expectations. When you have difficulty dating this girl and she does not want to come out, if you truly love her, you will not complain and blame her, you must look at the situation from her point of view. Maybe she is having some problems which prevented her from coming out. You must react to it with patience and understanding.

Next, have you ever met someone you liked so much that you wanted to push the relationship and make it progress faster? Sure you have! Love, however, is willing to give a relationship time to grow at a natural pace. It does not push but is willing to wait for the relationship to grow at a rate that is satisfactory to both parties. Love is Kind Love seeks to encourage and build up others. It respects the feelings and emotions of others.. It finds its greatest satisfaction in making others happy.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Transfer again

It’s been a pretty hectic week for me. I don’t think the correct word to describe it maybe I should replace it with very very extraordinary hectic handover week. From my previous handover experience since I started working, the one who receive the handover task should feel the stress and load.

But this time it was different, since most of the time they rely on me, it seems that they want everything could be settle before I go away. Maybe they still don’t really know well about my replacement personnel. Or maybe because he is far older than I am. But I’m sure everything will be ok when I transferred. I hope…

At first I’m worried my transferred letter was not transmitted yet in the early week, but then I feel secure when I receive it saying I will be going in a month. But the soon to be my new workplace start calling to expedite my handover. It’s still okay until I receive another transfer letter saying I have to report duty 2 weeks earlier to cover that area and build an organization there. There are pros and contras; the pro’s is I can get away from all this workload earlier and my rank and experience will be developing furthermore and the experience was hard to get anywhere else. Just the contras are I have to start moving stuff from my house on the double...

Well I have 5 days left… better start pack up my stuff

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kuantan decades later

Last weekend, my wife and I went to Kuantan just for vacation just to chill out from work stresses after a long 3 months of engine exchange works and engine problems. It is time to release everything and get to be at serene and peaceful place specifically sandy beaches and nice vacation hotels.

We arrived in Teluk Cempedak around 2pm since there’s some road maintenance work on going at the highway. Maybe the road project commence because holiday season is over and not many people travel thru the east-west highway. After lunch at the beach front restaurant, we checked in at Swiss Garden Hotel Kuantan. We get a nice room facing the Hotels swimming pool.

After resting for a while we went to the beach, it was one of beautiful beach of South China Sea in Malaysia beside Nexus Karambunai beach. That evening only a couple of foreigners swimming and one foreighner were para-surfing. That was my first time seeing how the surfer controls their parachute to surf at the surface of the sea wihout wave.

After a while swimming, we get to our room to change and head to Kuantan. Many developments transpire Kuantan since I left in 1998. I went back to my former college and it reminds memories about the past where I experience culture shock, personal changes, and etc for last ten years.

That night we had dinner at Tanjung Lumpur, one of the famous seafood areas in Kuantan. We tried large tiger prawns(quite expensive) and the special menu “sotong bakar petai” it taste great but we could not finish all since we were too full. Many great place to dine in at Kuantan, the thing that’ must be tried is the otak-otak and keropok lekor.

On the third day we check out earlier because I have some matter to settle in Awana Kijal (job interview hehehe). We planned to drop by at the Otak-otak stall that we ate before, but unfortunately the stall was closed that day. Thus we head home with just a bag of Keropok lekor bought at Terengganu.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

End of Ramadhan 30sep08

Today it was already the last day in the fasting month… If only Ramadan could be longer, I would be very happy. But tomorrow it’s already syawal. This month I survive controlling my self with patience and the best thing is a lot of saving. That’s why I could give my mum and dad “Duit Raya” more than before, and also for my youngest sister, niece and nephew which seems like “multiplying” every year and not to forget my wife also get “Duit Raya” from me.

Today however, I managed to help my family by making cookie! Funny isn’t it? It’s been a long time I wasn’t at home making cookie with all my siblings in the ‘production line’. Hmmm… I hope I could celebrate Ramadan again next year. I’ve found the “night of thousands month” this year. And hoping I will found it again next year. Aminnnn...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ramadhan 08

Today, it’s already 24 September 2008, which is also 24 Ramadan, that means today is the 24th day of fasting month. How short it feels this month. There are some sweet feelings that I have in Ramadan each year. Feeling of serene and peaceful always comes after few days fasting. I think this feeling only come during Ramadan only. It is quite sad noticing that I have only 6 days left in this peaceful month.

It’s a money saving month, because there’s no breakfast and lunch except dinner. Normally I have to think what to eat for Iftar, which is normally heavy meal (rice) and sahur. I usually eat bread and dates for sahur; most of it was dates, pistachios and plain glass of water. It is simple isn’t it? But it is the source of energy for me. But yet there are few days I didn’t wake up, overslept, woke up and heard the subuh azan hehehe…

There’s always free iftar this month, and buffet dinner. My CEO invites all executive for iftar in Crown Mutiara KL; my sister treats in KLIA and Putrajaya, and other in Heritage and some other in KLIA. And I treat my family in Marché. Nice Swiss meal plus some traditional meal. But of course I preferred more western and pasta.

But there’s one thing to be worried, the engine was not arrived yet. The chance of balik kampong might ruin. Ooh! I don’t want to experience Raya in workplace. Have experienced it back in 2005 and I dont want to be here in malam raya ever!

If malam raya you are working and you heard Takbir Raya from the mosque nearby, tears will flows realizing you are suppose to be in your hometown helping your family for Aidilfitri preparation where everybody was at home. If there’s no one going to do the engine exchange, I will disappear no matter what…

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

todays feeling

This morning I feel like I want to kill someone. why? I Dont know... maybe if I had a machine gun right now I think I'm already outside on a killing spree... but the important target must be terminated first..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fasting at My Hometown

Due to long Independence Day holiday, I take an additional one day annual leave because it has been a long time I haven’t “berbuka” and "sahur" at my hometown. I think it has been four to five years back since I start working in KL and various other places. Normally, I take a night flight home when it is already Hari Raya’s eve and once I went home 3days after raya back in 2005.

A day before Independence Day I head off to my hometown. It was suppose to be a 6 hours drive if the traffic was not too heavy. But since it is a holiday season, the traffic is quite heavy so it took me about 7 hours to reach home even with high-speed driving.

It does not feel like Independence Day this year. It is a little bit different, maybe because everybody was not happy with the government I guess, especially when Pak Lah is still the prime minister. Let’s forget about that lousy minister.

On the first night at hometown, my mother in law make a feast at home calling all relatives, I just sit and chat with in law’s uncle holding my eyes to prevent from falling asleep while at the sofa. After the feast, everybody was discussing about the planned vacation next year, while I am trying to remain awake with the headache. But just a few minutes later my mother in law gently asks me to take a rest at my room. Maybe my face said everything about how sleepy and tired I am. My wife followed me and massage me to relief my headache. I think I fell asleep just few minutes later.

The other night I sleep at my parent’s house. Before sleep I called my technician since I haven’t seen him for a week thinking that maybe he’s trying to find a new job after married. After calling him, I was informed that he did get two new jobs, one near to his house in shah Alam and one in Middle East. I just encourage him to join the Middle East besides highly paid (six time his current salary) he can get a new experience internationally but I remind him to make a proper notice at least 2 weeks so that there’s time to get his replacement.

I went to my hometown mosque for first Terawih prayer, there I realize Tok Imam Tua already passed away, previously Imam Muda was now replacing him, and his post was replaced with new Imam Muda. Few other older Pakcik-Pakcik that always prays at the mosque with me last decades was also gone and replaced with other previously younger Pakciks. Kids who were once always playing at the back was now already become a teenager. This means it’s been a long time since I left my village to start my own life.

That night I had buah salak that my father takes from the orchard. That night I received a text message from Shah regarding his 24 hours notice, thus, I text to other two charge man to cover the shift for his Resignation. That night I had my sahur with my family and my younger sister’s family. The next day I break my fast at my in laws house. And the final day I leave my hometown to my workplace.

Maybe next year I should take a leave again in early Ramadan. It’s different.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aftermath Meeting

Solar Taurus 60

It was the aftermath of all the hard work since last two month for the engine exchange work. The result, only gas turbine unit one was successfully completed. However for unit 2 the gas turbine engine lubes oil still leaking. Today it’s the meeting between the owner, operator, engine supplier and PETRONAS GCM.

Now the Owner did not mention about neck on chopping block again, but even worst the F-bomb explode! Not just F-bomb it also came in package with bloody hell and etc. since all those word explode, the PETRONAS guy who went to Pattaya with me last time tell the owner to calm down and let he handle the problem professionally.
The defect comes from the engine. The engine exchange was supposed to be something like item of plug and play engine. But when it comes with different specification other problem arise, not just the time delay, but the cost of maximum demand from TNB that have to be borne by owner. The finance manager will surely be investigated by Dato’, that’s what make him felt so stressed in the meeting.

The is the first time problem faced by user of Solar engine, and guess what… surely our workplace was marked in their history maybe as a lesson learn.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recovered at last

Today, after 2 weeks of illness and flu, (as I previously posted in my last blog last week about getting better) and now it is a week later. Now I’m fully recovered. Not coughing and not sneezing. The matter that supposes to be completed in the plant was not happening as planned. The engine should be completely tested and re-commissioned yesterday, but the defect was still there. That’s what makes lube oil leaking from the engine when the engine was running on load.

I have planned for all major maintenance to be completed before the fasting month so that we could work minimum on fasting month and celebrate aidilfitri without thinking so much about the work in plant. up to now 8 equipments already inspected by department of safety and health (DOSH) and one gas turbine engine completed with engine exchange, and another engine seems like we have to wait maybe till October.

Whatever it is, I will still celebrate my raya at my hometown maybe longer than usual since I still have 18days left for leave. Maybe I could save some if I’m going to hop to another company… ahaa… I think I should contact them now.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just want to write about loyalty. Long time ago when I was still a university student I heard some of my friend talk about loyalty. And the phrase if I am not mistaken, “loyalty is above all matters.” Maybe the meaning is about friendship.

But now for me the definition of loyalty is different. Some might be loyal to the company they work for after bonuses and increment or what so ever the company compensate them until they become too dependent to it. As for me, I won't be that loyal and it depends.

I kind a like the phrase “I work for money. If you want loyalty.. GET A DOG!”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Investing (maybe its boring to read but it might change your mind)

I was thinking about my future suddenly, about salary range, the inflation rate already hiking above 7.7% since the oil price increase few months before. Now I am learning about investment myself thru outside colleague, although I have been investing in certain government protected fund before, but it was all useless, with this type of investment the return still could not fight the inflation.

The definition: Let say today you have a million Ringgit, and you keep the money in your safe or just keep it in your saving account, after 7 year or so you withdraw the money for your own use. Guess what? Maybe you are still a millionaire after 7 years but with the same amount of money today you could buy more items than you can buy seven years later. This is the cause of inflation.

How to fight this problem? The solution is simple, investment, or you keep the money by buying gold. But which one is better? Today the gold price was ridiculously high since early 2008. And investment returns from ASB, ASN what so ever only gives you a return of 7 – 9 percent annually? Frustrating isn’t it? Not many of us know about investing, so do I, until I get an e-mail from someone who I didn’t know, then I realize I’ve been wasting a lot of time and money by investing in ASB.

Some other invested in Bank Rakyat where the return is about 15% so I tried to get through, sadly the fund was full. The priorities were for the government servant and have to wait for queue. Until I get the e-mail about one legal investment in Unit trust. It tells about Public Ittikal (under Public Mutual-Islamic section) the return at that time (2005) was 60% for previous 3 years! (This can be viewed thru The Star Newspaper every Saturday) but to be remembered that previous track record could not guarantee the same record in the future. Just that from the track record we could judge how well they manage the investment isn’t it?

Instead of investing in fixed deposit of 3.5 percent in banking account or in ASB which return less than 10% why not if it is invested in a unit trust that can give a return (insya’allah) of higher than 10% rite? If you want to buy a house in 4years with fix deposit of RM 25,000, so you must save about RM500 per month in a fixed deposit account, but if you save in unit trust, insya’allah you can pay about RM 35000… See the difference?

Ps: thank you to the unknown person who sent me the email…
Note: for more info just give me your e-mail, insya’allah I will share knowledge about UT and new potential fund launched by public mutual.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Contract Terminator

Boss called me this morning talking about the in plant contractors job. Mechanical technician was not around today, since I’ve already signed the leave application, because the reason was undeniable- rest. Yup, every single person in this plant was tired. It’s been a month and a half since the engine exchange work kick-off. And the work was about 75% completed.

I myself was still recovering from my fever, still coughing as yesterday. Not having enough rest, and I think that’s why currently my antibody was not strong enough to destroy and eliminate all those virus or what so ever bacteria harming and damaging my cell alive. And I was currently fighting all those unwanted bad micro-biological-organism with the pills so called antibiotic. These pills were not just weakened those bad “alien” but also weaken the beneficial bacteria in my intestine. And dump them to my kidney. What a pity…

Opsss… I think I’m going out of the topic, where did I stop just now? Owh... The contractors… it is actually about the contract that I have to review, if it was not satisfactory the contract might be terminated. It was my job as the department head, but it was so not me to do this… I have to make some changes, make a partnering system maybe, if it is not working maybe I’ll try other solution.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One wedding and 1 MC's

Hari ni hari keempat selepas balik dari my hometown for my sister’s wedding. It’s a surprise when I arrived home and see my eldest sisters brand new car the Honda Accord Euro Type-R imported direct from Japan, harga lagi murah than my car lak tu.

My mom chooses the date for the wedding. Biasa la many people take a date of 08/08/08 as a wedding day. Mostly Chinese la kot. Tengok-tengok balik macam dah plan plak, my second younger sister married on 06/06/06 and the brother 07/07/07 and the latest one 08/08/08. Exactly a year and a month and a day later.

This time I reach home near Maghrib time coz I went to a seminar earlier that morning. Since the evening session was not related to mechanical part, so I escape, and directly “balik Kampung”. Akad nikah was carried out at my kampung’s mosque. There, my role was as a photographer and sit beside tok Imam just before it begins. Thus there’s no photo of myself inside the ceremony.

The brother in law was from Malacca, so just after the ceremony and banquet, the in laws family directly heads home to Malacca before the Jumaat prayer. Most of the invited guest arrived after the Jumaat Prayer. The ceremony ended at 8 I guess. I thought I could rest as usual after that, but it’s not happening as I thought. It was restless with all sort of thing.

The 2nd day it’s a farewell for my elder sister at the Sultan Ismail airport. I guess this is the last time I will see my sister before she departed for Dubai following her husband who got a job there. The next day, the married couple departed for a honeymoon. I and my wife departed for KL few hours later of course with my ‘Mugen’ Honda hehehe… jadik le rally driver.

The next day I was not feeling well, and a day after I take a medical leave, tonsil problem again, maybe because of not enough rest. And here I am today still coughing in the office hehehe… but getting better

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Neck on Chopping Block

This happens yesterdays during meeting between the owner of the co-generation plant and the contractor of the gas turbine engine exchange. We as the work supervisor were given the authority by the owner to manage everything within our power.

The situation now is the gas turbine re-commissioning was having trouble with lube oil leakage during running once the engine get warmer. Since this project was outstanding for a week, the director of finance gets involved in the meeting. This includes the manager of the contractor itself.

The owner was not satisfied with the condition of the machine and don’t want to accept the engine as per agreement. Now the owner have to bear the cost of electricity and gas (which price already increase 100% after PETRONAS Gas revise price) owners wanted the contractor to bear the cost if the job not completed within time. But the contractor’s manager refuses to give the warranty to the owner.

The director gets heated and says “are you willing to put your neck on the chopping block?” whoa... everybody looking at each other. (Wonders the face of the contractor manager looks like? Like celcom advert in the TV date with monkey) not only that the director include the example as Proton Perdana (he previously used). “Do you think that if I buy a Proton Perdana today and tomorrow find out the gearbox have a problem I have to pay the cost of the repair?” (Proton Perdana MB Terengganu kes tgh hangat). “Kenapa tak berani bagi warranty sedangkan engine ni sepatutnya dalam keadaan baik?” Ini lah kelemahan kaum ‘kita’ sepatutnya kita sebagai bangsa melayu patut berpegang kepada kata dan sanggup memberi sesuatu untuk dijual dengan jaminan yang baik”.

There you go, I learn a new phrase about the chopping block thing… now I could use it among other contractor though… hehehe

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hurricane of the Dawn

Earlier yesterday morning, there was a storm maybe in shape of cyclone or some small tornadoes take place at my workplace. It was near dawn, I was still sleeping that time it wasn’t Subuh time yet.

At first I heard sound like a stone hitting a steel pillar few times while sleeping, maybe it’s an ice rain… then few minutes later, come this horrifying whistle of wind similar sound like a tornadoes in a cinema with Dolby surround system but a little bit lauder… but the sound of stone hitting a steel pillar still continues. All this sounds bothering my sleep.

At that time I thought I was just dreaming, until I feel the wind in my room! At first it was just like a slow fan, but then it gets stronger than a blower, my room door was closed! Even the main door was closed. Soon the sound gets lauder, and I felt the chill, I woke up and trying to observe what is happening outside, it was still dark but I could see debris and something like water droplet flying horizontally. I never see such seen before, I lay back on my bed stunned, and repeatedly pray “La haula wala quwata illa billah” to prevent anything bad happens.

After nearly an hour, everything stopped, I look outside, miraculously it’s like nothing had happened before. But at the living area, papers that have been stick on the wall hanging which seems like somebody is trying to pull it off from where it stick, and found out some lighting malfunctioned outside.

I wonder how this wind could be strong even it is inside a room… first time in my life I experience this… now I know how it feels like to live at tornado alleys, but this is just the minor one and not in tornado alleys such as Texas, Colorado and etc which is much more stronger and destructive.

Monday, August 04, 2008

New Malaysianized English

word and story below is just a fiction and jokes

Anwarized" - meaning: To get back-stabbed. . i.e. People who have been anwarized may contact the DPM's hotline

"Badawized" - meaning: To be stupified ...........i. e. Malaysians seem to be badawized by the media which reports biased news

"Najibbed" - meaning: To be blown to bits .....i.e. In this country,you better be careful with what you say, you can be najibbed otherwise

"Petrad" - meaning: To be exposed ...........i. e. Lately the BN coalition has been petrad in many ways

"KayJayed" - meaning: To shout for no reason i.e. He kayjayed in the Dewan and appeared like a moron

"Balaed" - meaning: To vanish suddenly i.e. They opposition balaed from the meeting in protest

"Lingamed" - meaning: To repeat redundantly i.e. The Information Minister lingamed the same rubbish in the debate recently.

"Soileked" - meaning: To be caught on tape i.e. People have stopped using budget hotels as they are afraid of being soileked.

A short Malaysian fiction:

Altantuya was cold bloodedly najibbed after she attempted to petra Najib for anwarising her and not making the promised payments. Razak was badawized into covering up for Najib while Najib balaed from the scene. Razak was actually anwarized. However Najib lingamed that he had nothing to do with it and has been kayjaying on the topic in an attempt to prove his innocence. Nevertheless, some quarters have been threatening that they have soileked evidence that Najib was involved.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Car Mileage

See my car mileage after nearly a year and a half the mileage suppose to be more than 
25000km, but now only 23124km? why? because of the petrol price... even though my car model engine wins the international fuel saving car of the year, tak kira la, aku nak blame paklah gak!

nak gi makan angin jauh-jauh pun think twice... now just using it to go to work everyday. but next week balik kampung bro! balik kampung kena la bawak balik keta, lain macam kalau takde transport kat hometown. haha... after balik kampung the mileage reach the usual target kot...

low mileage lagi OK ape..

PS:menteri penerangan lak time soal jawab kat TV last 2 weeks lain orang tanya ke lain lak yang dijawabnye. kayu betul la! menteri KAYU!!! dah PM kejenye TIDO! macam Tunggul!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Watch

Yesterday night after a long drive from Putrajaya IPP visit. I stopped at one store to replace my Casio wrist watch battery. It’s been a month since the watch run out of battery. I like the watch so much in my whole life it was maybe the fifth watch that I wear. It’s my favorite watch.

I bought the watch in March 2000, I replace the battery in late 2003 and replace again the battery yesterday. But today I only wear the other Watch because one of the supports of the black watch was broken because of the Levi’s tragedy. What happened? Only I know about it. It happens in my hometown at my house.

Why do I like the watch so much? Maybe it’s because I buy it when I am still a university student where at that time I don’t have as much money as other student have. I only depend on my study loan money. Other students normally ask extra money from their parent, but I don’t. I don’t want to burden my parent, I can live independently. Although it was a difficult life during that time, I have strength to endure it, succeed and continue life as usual. From there I learn to be better man everyday. And that’s what made me today.

I don’t know what else I should write maybe a standard five Malay language essay “aku seutas jam tangan” hehehe…

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sardine Ride...

This is the story of the last 2 days when I was going to work, this time by taking the trademark public transport in KL, the Putra LRT… booo… the last time I ride the LRT for work was last 3 months. Long eh?

At first my wife drive me to Wangsa Maju station, that day I was late, it’s already 0800hours when I was at the station. Nobody was buying the ticket at the counter, maybe because I was late or maybe others start using the monthly pass after the petrol prices boost because of that stupid PM.

Then I take the escalator up slowly ahead to the next level I started to see a swarm of people waiting for the train. Damn! Last time it’s not this crowded if I wait maybe I will be the fifth or seventh to get my turn. So I take the train heading the other way coz the putra terminal was just 2 stations away. And there are some other passenger taking the same train.

Once arrived at the station only a few leave the train seems like the other using the same strategy haha… I didn’t sit but stand just beside the door to make sure ease to move out from the train, but I’m standing on the opposite door where I suppose to exit. When the train arrived at the next station the train was almost full. Once arrived in Wangsa Maju station, guess what? The train already becomes human sardines can! This is a lot worse than last 3 months!

So I just stayed until the train reached the KLCC station. And most of the passenger exit there, it was a relief when I’m out of the train. Government should improve the public transport and amplify the frequency of public transport schedule.

Whatever it is people should blame Pak Lah… he’s the culprit of all Malaysian problems. “Short” live the PM!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Whole 2 Days

Last week engine exchange work need to be postponed, nothing we can do when it was fount that the generator was offset, so it needs to be re-metalling. The contractor supervisor already “pening” doesn’t know what to do for the following days. Alas he went home to his hometown before anybody else. Since every work needs to be postponed I took the chance to go home too. Don’t want to stay longer after three weeks in a row working. Don’t want to feel like “mati kutu” till the generator arrived in three more days.

The generator was supposed to transport to site on Saturday evening and normally arrived on Sunday morning. Since it was so, I decided to go home. My wife will not be at home the following week, everyone will be out for vacation next week except me who have to stay at site during this major maintenance work.

At home as planned last week we celebrated our first anniversary. Since it was the first time we celebrate at a new place better than Restaurant Seri Angkasa at KL tower with a good price too. With fast service and nice western meal we were very satisfied. We went home full till I felt quite hard to breathe hehehe…

On Sunday its time to buy something as a gift, I already got my gift from my wife, but my wife still didn't know what she wants. Last week she said she wanted a Tissot watch the price is ok too but when we went to the watch gallery to buy one she can't make her mind to buy one… she still valued her existing watch that she always wore. Wanted to buy jewelry for her but she refused. Then both of us don’t know what to get.

At last she decided to get a sunglass so that she could use it during the vacation next week. First we went to Carrefour Wangsa Waju, she didn’t found any sunglass that fit and attractive to her, even though we haven’t seen and try all the displayed sunglass there. Then we went to Berjaya Time Square, the first optical store we went... nothing interesting… second… still nothing... Third... found one Emporio Armani, when I see the price... I said to my self “biar betik!” to wear for few times the price was same with Expensive Tissot watch!(if it is Tissot watch I don’t care) so I decided to survey to other optical shop there. No other store sell the same item except for one, but the price is even higher! So I suggest why not we survey the price at other place.

Then we went to Focus Point Tesco Ampang, then somewhere in Gombak, then somewhere in Setapak we were informed that the sunglass was a new model, not arrived yet, then some other place in Gombak again we found Focus Point. There, the sales person checked the directory of the Armani model number thru the company computerized system, guess what? There’s one unit of the same model in Carrefour Wangsa Maju, the first shop we went earlier that morning!

After Maghrib prayer we went to find something in PETRONAS Station. Then we went again to Carrefour Wangsa Maju surprised to see the store was about to close earlier than before and we were even more astonished seeing every single person face like just saw a ghost (pucat lesi) and the jewelry store beside was already closed. Seems like a crowd was curious for what just happened before we arrived. Before the store closed I entered the store like nothing happened, I think if there’s a cut in their face, no blood will flow out I think.

Then we asked what happened? They said that the jewelry store beside was robbed. It was an armed robbery with a shot fired and someone was injured. And at the store we found the sunglass we’re looking for, for the whole day that day but with a 30% discount. See better deal what? But it takes us the whole day!

On the way out I walk in front of the jewelry store that was already barricade with police investigation tape. This is all Pak Lah’s fault, he increases the oil price drastically, many people will become desperate, and crime rate will increase. Last time I heard a robbery a day after it happen now I heard it 5 minutes after it happened. Alhamdulillah, we went to the petrol station first, if not maybe we were just in front of the the crime scene when the shot fired.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Busiest Day Ever

From previous years working in this plant... yesterday was the busiest day ever! Its not just two or three contractor involved in the plant, but FIVE! This is excluding the vendor and supplier.

I came at 8 as usual; attend the morning meeting and signing permits. Normally after the meeting I have my breakfast but I had my breakfast at 11. Then I continue verifying contractors work with the owner, one of the contractors completed the work at 4, and then I had my lunch after that.

Later on yesterday I attended the daily engine exchange progress meeting. Meeting was as usual several percentage completed (26%) until they discussed about transmitter improvement. The turbo machinery specialist asks me to make the justification. With all this fucking busy moment he wants me to make justification! Then I relentlessly object “WTF should I make the justification!” it’s Solar who suppose to make the shit…

Every eyes fix on me… some seems shock, some blur and my boss slowly whisper to do the justification together to pacify the situation. But I am still unsatisfied and tell that bossy so called ‘specialist’ “this should be turn out from Solar” now those two solar just agree silently nodded.

If today that person requests me to do something I’m oppose to carry out, I’ll make sure he’ll get a harsh word indeed.

Monday, July 07, 2008

First Anniversary

Today was our first anniversary. We were married on 07/07/2007. However, due to my work responsibility of this major maintenance I have to postpone the anniversary dinner to another date with my wife.

And later on this night I ask my wife where we should have the anniversary dinner. I gave some choices whatever famous dinner place around KL. And she gave her own choice “how about KL Tower?” hmmm… sounds interesting. Hmmm… well… KL tower it is then.

However, after our conversation I realize, the day passes by just like that. Hopefully the second one could be celebrated on time.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

GTG-A engine exchange

It’s been more than a week now working including Saturday and Monday, this is the first major maintenance of a co-gen Plant turn around after 5years of operation. I think all this month would be a twenty four seven works… work… and work…

It is not that I am not used to this, I’m used to this when I’m still a bachelor, but now I’m married and my age is going to be 30 soon. I think there is a change in my biological system and control. Today I woke up at 0800hours which is better than yesterday when I woke up at 0930hours. After shower I notice my nose was bleeding, some part of my newly wash towel turns light red color of my blood. I just ignore it until it stops itself.

It’s been a week I didn’t met my wife, but only see her thru video call thru my new Nokia last night. Handling once in 5 years heavy maintenance was quite boring though, everything was done by the contractors my job was just to supervise and get anything needed in time. Being the head of department with the major maintenance work was something frantic. Have to be on site, have to complete the report and et cetera in a time.

Old engine and generators have been removed and still waiting for new engine replacement tentatively this afternoon. Hmmm… I better start typing my report in the CMMS by now or else I will forgot the detail when Monday start.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Surat terbuka untuk PM

Kepada Pak Lah, Perdana Menteri Malaysia Boleh.......Blah

Hari nie tah hari berapa Pak Lah jadi PM
kamiMemang dari dulu kami sokong sampai laniTapi hari nie,
buka mata, senak perut anak bini......
Tengok Pak Lah habag minyak naik lagi

Memang kami tak tau pasai ekonomi
Yang tau semua Pak Lah ngan kroni
Tapi sampai bila nak jadi lagu nie
Dapat gaji habis tak berbaki

Pak Lah habag tak boleh buat apa
Nie semua ekonomi dunia
Kalau tak naik nanti dunia kata apa
Habis tu yang rakyat dok menderita, tak pa ka

Dulu Pak Lah kata nak jaga rakyat
Kunun Pak lah nak kerja sama sama dengan rakyat......
Nie dok nampak macam nak telan kederat
Dok nampak kami yang nak melarat

Pak Lah kata masalah rakyat nak ambik berat
Kunun tak mau tengok rakyat hidup melarat
Tapi kalau macam nie punya sarat
Darah rakyat pun boleh sejat

Kerajaan ada kata rakyat manja subsidi
Kunun asyik kerajaan saja dok bagi
Sapa kata kami rakyat tak pernah bagi
Tu...yang lima tahun sekali tu....sapa bagi??

Tiap kali naik harga, dok banding sini sana ??
Hampa tengok, kat Thailand lagi mahai dari kita......
Apa jenis depa punya kira
Awat tak ikut pulak Brunai punya harga

Brunai tak leh kira
depa punya minyak berlambak tak terkira
Awat, minyak Malaysia tak dak harga ka?
kalau tidak, tak kan jual minyak kita beli minyak depa

Ada Petronas pun tak leh buat apa
Ada duit sikit, dah nak mengada
Pi buat segala menara pagoda kembaq dua
Nak tunjuk, kami la kaya

Petronas kata kami tak tau apa
Kerajaan yang buat kira bicara
Kami ikut apa depa kata
Royalti jadi ehsan pun kami tak leh kata apa

Kunun dok habag petronas hak rakyat semua
Pakailah minyak petronas, nanti untung dapat kat kita
Nie, nak tanya la....tiap tahun untung beribu juta
Rakyat dapat apa ????? kudis buta....

Hari nie petrol naik, tahan la lagi..
Tengok pulak apa cerita esok pagi
Habis ikan, ayam, cabai sampai ke cili
depa pun sama tumbas naik sekali

Nanti ada la menteri tolong bercakap
Sapa naik harga dia nak pi tangkap
Sampai bila la dia nie nak ubah sikap
Ingat yang dok meniaga kat market tu heran kot dia punya cakap

Pak Lah mau renung nasib kami
Kais hari nie makan untuk kemarin pagi
Anak kecik pun dok ada lagi
Boleh hidup ka kami lagu nie

Dah tak larat nak tanggung cukai
Sini cukai, sana cukai
Dari tanah sampai ke pintu punya ada cukai
Dah sampai masa kot Pak Lah kena guna akai

Jangan dok ingat rakyat macam Pak Lah
Gaji berpuluh ribu hidup tak susah
Ada anak pulak bisnes sebelah sebelah
Dapat tender pun tak payah susah susah

Kami rakyat bukan macam tu
Malah la nie pun dah ada rebus siput **** dgan batu
Sedih sungguh ohhhh negara ku
Biar tak merdeka terus pun tak la kalau lagu tu

Dah sampai masa Pak Lah ingat
Selesai masalah rakyat cepat cepat
Nanti kot rakyat naik meluat
satu undi pun Pak Lah tak dapat

Cukup la sampai di sini
Tobat dah...aku tak mengundi BN kali nie (yang undi BN musim-12)
Parti Barang Naik pulak kot jadi depa lani
Kot ada sapa nak Barang Naik lagi undi la depa lagi...

Yang Benar,
Rakyat yang semakin tak larat

ps: nasib baik aku tak undi depa.. lain kali undilah dengan bijak

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gaji Menteri Malaysia

Ini adalah gaji dalam tahun 99. Sekarang mesti lebih tinggi lagi. Jadi setakat potong 10% dari elaun keraian tu, apalah sangat bagi menteri-menteri kita jika nak dibandingkan dengan beban yang ditanggung oleh rakyat kebanyakkan selepas harga minyak naik. 

Azamin AminWed Dec 05, 07 10:59:21 am MYT
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 Dis (Hrkh) - Pendedahan menarik berhubung gaji dan‘keistimewaan’ para menteri di Malaysia ini, seperti membuktikanseolah-olah selama ini mereka tidak menghiraukan nasib rakyatmemandangkan kehidupan serta pendapatan mereka tidak sedikit punterjejas berikutan apa jua kemelesetan ekonomi mahupun kenaikan hargabarang yang membebankan.
Pendedahan ini difahamkan datangnya daripada satu surat yang diemeloleh seorang yang mendakwa sebagai Pegawai Bahagian Kewangan, BahagianKewangan Jabatan Perdana Menteri di Putrajaya ke laman blogTranungkite Online yang boleh dijadikan rujukan maklumat betapa besarjumlahnyawang rakyat dibelanjakan oleh Menteri-menteri di Malaysia.Slip Pendapatan Bulanan bagi Menteri Penuh Malaysia termasukKetua-Ketua Menteri:1. Gaji Pokok RM18,0002. Elaun Keraian RM10,500.003. Elaun Perumahan RM10,800.004. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.005. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00Jumlah pendapatan bulanan RM55,650.00 yang wajib diterima sama adasakit atau tidak bekerja:-Lain-lain kemudahan1. Bercuti keluar negara sekali setahun terutama selepas persidanganDewan Negara- semua perbelanjaan ditanggung oleh kerajaan termasuktiketpenerbangan, hotel, duit poket sebanyak RM50,000.00. Kalau tidakbercutikeluar negara seorang menteri boleh menuntut sebanyak RM50,000.00tanparesit.2. Bil letrik percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia3. Bil Air percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia4. Bil telefon percuma ditanggung oleh kerajaan Malaysia5. Peruntukan perkakasan dapor/perhiasan rumah dll boleh dituntutsetahun sekali sebanyak RM40,000.006. Sebuah kereta Mercedes S320, di lengkapi dgn telefon bimbit,satupemandu,minyak percuma.Kalau guna khidmat pemandu kementerian,dapatlah duit percuma.7 Semua pemberian derma seperti kepada perkahwinan, kematian,ataupemberian kepada badan-badan kebajikan boleh dituntut.8. Boleh mengadakan rumah terbuka setiap hari raya, segalaperbelanjaanditanggung oleh kerajaan. Kebiasaan Menteri menuntut sebanyakRM400,000.009. Setiap menteri biasanya tuntutan mereka sebanyak RM45,000.00 semuaelaun perbelanjaan tidak termasuk elaun-elaun dalam slip pendapatanbulanan.
Slip Pendapatan Bulanan Bagi Timbalan Menteri ialah:-1. Gaji Pokok RM15,0002. Elaun Keraian RM9,500.003. Elaun Perumahan RM9,800.004. Elaun Wakil Rakyat RM10,650.005. Elaun parking RM 5,700.00Jumlah pendapatan bulanan RM50,650.00 yang wajib terima samada sakitatau tidak hadir bertugas.Dan Menteri:-1. Pengerusi syarikat/lembaga jabatan kerajaan2. Pengerusi syarikat swasta yg dilantik3. Pedapatan dari syarikat persendirian seperti kontrak dan lain-lain4. Pendapatan dari kroni-kroni peribadi5. Saham yang diberi khas oleh kerajaan sebanyak 300,000 unit setiapmasa.6. Tidak termasuk dari pendapatan luar negara7. Lain-lain sumberKata pemberi maklumat (penghantar emel tersebut) diatas adalahberdasarkan tangga gaji seorang menteri pada tahun 1999 dan padapendapatnya terdapat sedikit sebanyak perubahan sehingga sekarang. -

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Agama bukan Mengkhayalkan Orang Miskin (petikan dari Mufti Perlis)

(please take your time to read this)
Agama bukan mengkhayalkan orang miskin

Saya tertarik apabila membaca kisah al-Imam al-Nawawi (631-676H) yang diminta oleh Raja pada zamannya al-Malik al-Zahir untuk memberikan fatwa bagi mengharuskan Raja mengambil harta rakyat untuk digunakan memerangi musuh yang mengancam negara iaitu tentera Tatar. Tujuan itu pada zahirnya baik kerana mempertahankan negara dari ancaman musuh. Harta itu pun hendak digunakan untuk keperluan jihad.

Namun ramai ulama yang telah dibunuh ketika itu kerana enggan mengeluarkan fatwa berkenaan. Al-Nawawi juga enggan menulis surat sokongan terhadap tindakan Raja Zahir itu sekalipun beliau tahu pengambilan harta itu untuk kepentingan negara juga. Apabila Raja bertanya kepada beliau mengapa beliau enggan menyokong? Beliau menjawab: Setahu saya engkau dahulunya seorang hamba, tidak mempunyai harta. Kemudian Allah memberikan kurniaan kepadamu lalu diangkat engkau menjadi seorang raja. Aku dengar engkau memiliki seribu hamba lelaki yang setiap mereka memiliki tali pinggang daripada emas. Engkau juga ada memiliki dua ratus hamba perempuan, dan setiap mereka memiliki sebekas perhiasan. Jika engkau belanjakan itu semua, sehingga hamba-hamba lelakimu hanya memakai tali pinggang kain, dan hamba-hamha perempuanmu hanya memakai baju tanpa perhiasan, juga baitulmal sudah tiada simpanan wang, harta dan tanah lagi, maka aku akan fatwakan untukmu keharusan mengambil harta rakyat itu. Sesungguhnya yang menolong jihad dan selainnya ialah penyerahan diri kepada Allah dan mengikut jalan nabi-Nya S.A.W (lihat: 'Abd al-Ghani al-Daqar, al- Imam al-Nawawi, 144-145, Damsyik: Dar al-Qalam).

Saya suka dengan jawapan al-Imam al-Nawawi ini. Saya tahu, selepas ini banyak forum-forum perdana, ceramah-ceramah di radio dan televesyen akan memperkatakan tentang kewajipan berjimat cermat. Maka ustaz, ustazah dan penceramah pun atas permintaan penaja yang membayar harga ceramah akan bersungguh-sungguh menyuruh orang-orang bawahan untuk berjimat cermat.

Dalil-dalil pun akan dibaca. Mungkin akan ada ustazah yang mencari cerita-cerita ajaib yang baru untuk dikaitkan dengan bab jimat cermat dan jangan membazir. Mungkin akan ada penceramah yang cuba menangis seperti seorang pelakon berjaya yang menerima anugerah, bercerita kepada makcik-makcik yang khusyuk menonton tentang azab seorang yang membazir 'nasi lemaknya'. Datanglah orang-orang kampung mendengar forum perdana dengan basikal atau motosikal sebagai menyahut seruan agar tidak membazir petrol.

Adapun penceramah, datuk-datuk penganjur, YB-YB hanya menggunakan kenderaan mewah yang berkapasiti atas daripada 2000cc. Tujuannya untuk mengelakkan pembaziran wang kerajaan yang terpaksa dibayar kepada empunya kenderaan 2000cc ke bawah, lebih tinggi daripada 2000 ke atas. Maka insaflah makcik dan pakcik yang barangkali teringatkan tulang ikan yang pernah dibuangnya padahal masih ada sedikit sisa isinya yang melekat. Itulah membazir namanya.

Maka, atas keinsafan dan taubat itu, mungkin ada yang akan mula mengurangkan makan nasi lemak daripada sebungkus seorang kepada sebungkus yang dikongsi bersama. Air kopinya yang memang sudah 'ceroi' akan ditukar kepada yang warna hitamnya antara kelihatan dan tidak. Maka selamat negara kita ini, disebabkan pakcik dan makcik, pak long dan mak long, pak lang dan mak lang di kampung sudah mengubah gaya hidup mereka. Jika saya hadir ke forum yang seperti itu, saya ingin bertanya soalan, tapi soalan yang belum 'dijakimkan', "Apakah agama ini dihantar oleh Allah untuk menghukum manusia bawahan dan menghalalkan yang lain tidur dalam kekenyangan dan kemewahan?"

Sebelum harga minyak naik, telah sekian lama mereka yang berada di teratak usang itu menjimat makan dan pakai. Saban hari mereka mengira belanja untuk memboleh mereka terus hidup pada kala negara dunia belum menghadapi krisis harga minyak.


Saya tidak mahu membicarakan tentang kenaikan harga minyak dari sudut perjalanan ekonomi antarabangsa. Telah banyak pakar-pakarnya bicarakan. Tapi saya ingin bincangkan tentang soal pembaziran dan jimat-cermat. Ya, memang Islam memusuhi pembaziran. Bahkan al-Quran tidak pernah mempersaudarakan antara mana-mana pembuat dosa dengan syaitan, melainkan mereka yang membazirkan. 

Allah menyebut dalam al-Quran: (maksudnya): "Dan berikanlah kepada kaum keluargamu, dan orang miskin serta orang musafir akan haknya masing-masing; dan janganlah engkau membazir dengan pembaziran yang melampau. Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang membazir itu adalah saudara-saudara syaitan, sedang syaitan itu pula sangat kufur kepada Tuhannya". (Surahal-Isra: 26-27). 

Demikianlah Allah persaudarakan pembazir dengan syaitan. Kesan pembaziran sangat besar. Lihat negara kita yang kaya dengan berbagai hasil. Sepatutnya kita akan tetap kukuh dan setiap rakyat akan menikmati kekayaan ini dengan adilnya. Namun, disebabkan pembaziran, harta negara yang sepatutnya dapat dimakan puluhan tahun, tetapi surut mendadak dalam masa beberapa tahun. Maka, yang patut mendapat bantuan dan hak, tidak cukup untuk sampai kepadanya. Barang keperluan pula bertukar menjadi mahal. Pembaziran memusnahkan kehidupan rakyat bawahan dan menghalang hak yang sepatutnya sampai kepada mereka. Maka betapa wajar untuk para pembazir itu dipersaudarakan dengan syaitan. Apatah lagi dalam banyak keadaan, pembaziran itu lahir dari keangkuhan dan kesombongan. Sifat-sifat itulah jua yang menjadi asas kepada kekufuran syaitan.

Soalannya, mengapakah apabila kita membicarakan tentang pembaziran, kita hanya terbayang orang-orang bawahan di kampung ataupun bandar. Jika kita ingin meminta supaya setiap warga negara ini berjimat dan jangan membazir, maka bermulalah daripada atas. Bukan sekadar untuk mengenakan si miskin yang sekian lama telah berjimat dan sudah tidak tahu apa yang hendak dijimatkan lagi. Mengapa kita hanya terbayang rakyat yang berada dalam rumah persendirian dan berbelanja dengan wang poketnya yang sudah lelah? Kita sepatutnya terlebih meneliti semula bagaimana perbelanjaan yang menggunakan harta negara dan rakyat yang sedang berjalan di istana-istana, kediaman-kediaman rasmi kerajaan di peringkat negara dan negeri? Apakah wajar di kala ini keraian untuk orang-orang besar sama ada sultan atau menteri begitu mewah? Makanan yang dihidangkan untuk mereka, harga satu meja kadang-kala boleh dimakan oleh ratusan rakyat bawahan. Karpet yang dipijak oleh mereka harganya ribuan bungkusan nasi yang dimakan oleh 'orang biasa'.

Apakah patut pada saat yang sebegini, ada istana atau kediaman rasmi menteri yang hendak ditambahmewahkan? Apakah patut orang-orang besar ini diraikan dengan hiburan atau pertunjukan dan konsert yang menelan puluhan ribu ringgit sempena sesuatu kunjungan mereka? Wang itu, wang negara. Wang itu, wang rakyat. Apakah dalam masa yang sebegini mereka masih mendapat peruntukan untuk bersantai, bermain golf dan 'berhiburan' dengan menggunakan wang rakyat bawahan yang disuruh menjimatkan nasi lemak dan air kopi mereka?

Pembaziran sebegini lebih rapat menjadi saudara syaitan dibanding wang persendirian yang dibelanjakan. Meminjam falsafah al-Imam al-Nawawi yang saya sebutkan tadi, jika orang atasan telah benar-benar berjimat, maka wajarlah untuk dikurangkan subsidi rakyat. Al-Nawawi telah dibuang negeri kerana enggan bersekongkol dengan perkara yang seperti ini. Namun, jika itu tidak dilakukan, ulama bukan burung kakak tua. Saya mengambil risiko menulis hal ini. Tanggungjawab di hadapan Allah lebih besar daripada segala- galanya. Para ulama dahulu jauh lebih mulia, tidak dibandingkan kedaifan saya ini. Pun mereka telah menunaikan tanggungjawab al-Amr bil Ma'ruf dan al-An- Nahy 'an al-Munkar ini. Semoga Allah menimbang tinta para ulama dengan darah para syuhada.

Telah berlaku tahun kesusahan dan kelaparan yang amat sangat di Semenanjung Arab pada zaman Amirul Mukminin 'Umar bin al-Khattab. Dikenali dengan 'Am al- Ramadah kerana seakan bagaikan warna ramad atau abu disebabkan kekurangan hujan, warna tanah dan warna kulit manusia yang bertukar disebabkan kekeringan. Ini berlaku pada antara tahun 17H dan 18H selama sembilan bulan. Amirul Mukminin telah berhempas pulas menguruskan harta negara ketika itu bagi mengatasi kesusahan rakyat. Di samping kecemerlangan pengurusan, yang ingin disebutkan di sini kecemerlangan pendirian dan sikap.

Ibn Jarir al-Tabari meriwayatkan bahawa 'Umar bin al-Khattab tidak memakan pada tahun berkenaan lemak haiwan, susu dan daging sehingga orang ramai dapat memakannya. Barangan makanan berkurangan di pasar. Pada suatu hari pekerjanya dapat membeli untuknya lemak dan susu namun dengan harga yang agak tinggi. 'Umar enggan makan bahkan berkata: "Engkau telah menyebabkan lemak dan susu menjadi mahal, sedekahkan kedua-duanya, aku bencikan pembaziran. Bagaimana aku dapat memahami keadaan rakyat jika tidak mengenaiku apa yang mengenai mereka?" (Al-Tabari, 2/358, Beirut: Dar al-Fikr). 

Juga diriwayatkan bahawa suatu hari pada tahun berkenaan disembelih unta lalu dimasak dan dibahagikan kepada orang ramai. Lalu dicedok masakan itu untuk dihidangkan juga buat 'Umar. Tiba-tiba yang dicedok itu bahagian belakang unta dan hatinya. 
Lalu 'Umar bertanya: "Dari mana diperoleh ini?". 
Daripada unta yang kita sembelih hari ini. 
Kata 'Umar:"Oh! Alangkah buruknya aku ini sebagai pemimpin, jika aku memakan bahagiannya yang baik lalu aku berikan rakyat makan yang sisa" 
(Ibn Sa'd, al-Tabaqat al-Kubra, 3/312, Beirut: Dar Sadir). 

Maka alangkah buruknya seorang presiden, atau sultan, atau raja, atau perdana menteri, atau menteri besar, atau menteri yang makan dengan mewah daripada peruntukan harta negara atau negeri sedangkan rakyatnya dalam kesusahan. Ketika rakyat membilang butiran beras, helaian ringgit untuk persekolahan anak, keperitan membayar sewa rumah, api dan air, sementara mereka yang berkuasa ini pula menghadiri jamuan negara dan negeri itu dan ini. Bermewahan dengan pertunjukan dan hiburan dari peruntukan wang negara. Kemudian bercuti rehat, tanpa rakyat ketahui apakah kepenatannya untuk rakyat. Kos cuti itu pula ditanggung oleh negara tanpa sebarang pulangan keuntungan buat rakyat. Alangkah zalim!
Alangkah keji sikap yang sedemikian rupa. 

Saya kadang- kala begitu hairan apabila seseorang dianggap 'berjiwa rakyat', hanya kerana makan nasi yang dijamu oleh rakyat, atau masuk ke kampung mendukung anak rakyat untuk beberapa minit bagi membolehkan wartawan mengambil foto. Apakah itu dinamakan berjiwa rakyat? Jika hendak diiktiraf sebagai berjiwa rakyat, rasailah apa yang rakyat rasai. Orang seperti 'Umar bin al-Khattab lebih mulia daripada segala keturunan atau pangkat yang ada di kalangan manusia.

Kemuliaannya telah diiktiraf oleh Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Dia ahli syurga dengan jaminan Allah dan Rasu-lNya sementara politiknya tidak ada saingan yang menggugatnya. Namun tetap amanah dan jujurnya terhadap rakyatnya. Merasai penderitaan rakyat. Beliau idola kepimpinan kita sepatutnya. Walaupun beliau tidak pernah menyuruh orang menyembah atau menjulangnya, namun beliau dipuja oleh sejarah dan diangkat oleh Allah.


Kenaikan harga minyak menaikkan harga barang. Orang berpendapatan rendah menjadi mangsa. Agama berperanan untuk menyedarkan semua pihak tentang tanggungjawab terhadap rakyat. Dalam keadaan begini, antara perkara pertama yang patut dibentang kepada rakyat adalah pengurusan kemasukan dan pengagihan zakat. Zakat yang mungkin sampai kepada peringkat bilion ringgit di seluruh negara mesti diagihkan secara telus dan bijaksana. 

Mengapa masih ada fakir miskin yang bagaikan meminta sedekah kepada pihak yang menguruskan zakat? Mengapa program televisyen lebih menjumpai si miskin dibanding pihak yang menguruskan zakat? Mengapa zakat masih berbaki dengan begitu banyak setiap tahun sedangkan kemiskinan masih banyak? Mengapa pihak yang menguruskan zakat kelihatan bertambah mewah, sementara yang patut menerima hak kelihatannya bertambah letih dengan keadaan sekarang? Pada masa inilah peranan zakat bagi memastikan setiap yang memerlukan memperolehinya tanpa kerenah birokrasi yang bukan-bukan. Jangan sampai untuk mendapat RM150 si miskin berulang alik berkali-kali dengan tambang sendiri, sementara yang mendakwa amil zakat mengisi minyak kereta dengan wang zakat atas nama amil!

Ramai kata kita berjaya menguruskan zakat sebab kutipan yang tinggi. Saya katakan, pengurusan yang berjaya itu bukan sahaja kutipan semata, tetapi juga pengagihan secara telus, bijaksana dan bertanggungjawab.

Dalam usaha kerajaan menangani kemelut ekonomi hari ini, perkara-perkara yang disebutkan ini mestilah dipandang serius. Kejayaan sesebuah kerajaan menghayati penderitaan rakyat akan menjadikan mereka lebih disayangi dan disokong. Jika orang atas mengubah cara hidup, kita akan berkempen untuk semua agar mengubah cara hidup. Jika orang agama disuruh berkempen orang bawahan agar mengubah cara hidup, sementara melupai yang di atas, mereka sebenarnya cuba menjadikan agama sebagai candu agar seseorang melupai masalah yang sebenar.

Dr. Mohd. Asri Zainul Abidin
ialah Mufti Kerajaan Negeri Perlis.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Producers Oil price

Malaysian Government always compare our oil prices with non-oil producing countries such as :
Singapore : RM 5.00

Thailand : RM 4.00

how about compare Malaysia with the other oil producing countries just as we are

UAE– RM1.19/litre
Eygpt– RM1.03/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Qatar– RM0.68/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Iran– RM0.35/litre
Nigeria– RM0.32/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

More than RM1 if compared with them. then some fellow Malaysia says " Dah harga nak naik, nak buat cemana" with a lame tone and walk away leaving others wondering about their future spendings (kampung style)

And Guys.. tak lama lagi harga gas lak naik more than 50%, yang mana gas kat dapur nak habis tu cepat2 le topup.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol Price

5th June 2008: a new history arises, today is the day when the petrol price in Malaysia increased to RM 2.70 per liter. Damn stupid Cabinet! With this price every daily needs/good will increase in price. Thus increase the rate of inflation.

For the cabinet members they don’t have to worry because their petrol was paid by the government or get allowance for the official car. While for the voters/civilian/commoners what do they get?

Yesterday evening I get SMS from My colleague that the price will increase 78cent per liter. Damn dawg! From the office at 6:30pm I head straight to the petrol station. My tank was half empty so I need to fill another half to make it full.

When I arrived at the petrol station… Whoaaa so many car la! I drive my car to the other end of the station and get a better queue just wait for 3 cars hehehe… I have to wait for just about 15minutes. When I drove off from the station I saw both entrance was full crowded with long queue maybe ten to fifteen cars on each row, and cause traffic jam. Thank god I made that quick decision.

I did tell my sibling to fill up their tank and my friend. And some others have to wait for hours to get their chance. Thank god again I made a good decision I’ve bought a fuel saving New Honda last year.

We should change the government! Sack Pak Lah!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why Did This Happened To Me?

It’s been a long time since my last blog again… I don’t know what has happened to me all this 2008. Was it a happy time for me? Or was it a real bad time for me? But today I don’t think I am happy. I just moved out from my rent house nearby the place I work, still unable to move those heavy closet by myself. Maybe today I get help from my colleague.

Moving out was not the main thing bothering my mind right now? Is it about my work? Is it my transfer status? Or is it about my Life? Damn! I don’t even know why I am creating this blog. But I think I know what’s bothering me… must be last night incident when I am hanging out with my friends watching movie was the one bothering me today. It’s the call that I get every night, I don’t want to talk to the same person without a point every night. Later on I was blame for this, for that, for everything for god sake! Nobody ever did this to me before but why did this happened to me? WHY?!

So many things playing in my mind right now. I felt so lonely in my office. The yahoo messenger I received this morning again from the same person last night again bothering me. After I was blamed for everything last night, then ask about vacation today? What in the hell was that? What am I in that persons mind? Doesn’t even care about what I need but just being self centered caring about what that someone need or luxury.

Now again I get the message from YM… damn! I hate it very much! And I answered “I was blame for everything last nite... and today ask me about vacation... the whole day since last nite was not a happy time for me”


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