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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Anger Management

this thing not happened at home but in the workplace between engineers and contractors.. when patience reach its limit.. consequence...

This thing happenned last few weeks. normally I do my work as usual, meets contractors as usual, but one day, on weekend an equipment (Chiller) tripped due to inverter problem.. the main contractors already contacted, when it is on weekday, its been like a hell when customer starts calling about supply temperature, and pressure from managers. Until the 4th day my patience have come to the limit. The contractor only came on the 4th day after called so many times...

When he showed up i just say few words to him in below average high voice.. until today i observed he did not dare to have eye contact.. the word i say is not harsh words at all.. i think he's shocked that i can get angry... th outcome for taking easy on cool person might be shocking.. perhaps..

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