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Saturday, June 20, 2009

First Death in the Organization

So many things happen last week, and I’m thinking of writing something about it. Most of it involves bad things or tragedy. There’s one fatal accident take place, it does not happen at my workplace but it is a fatal road accident for our technician. This is the first person who died while working with this company. No wonders so many people attended the funeral.

Actually I didn’t know him much, only one conversation between me and himself during maintenance meeting. I only answer his question as a superior to give information about non-executive problem and that was about last two month. Most technicians seem like awkward to speak with me except for mechanical technician. He’s a silent person though and so am I. And he’s an electrical technician so that’s why along the time at work only one conversation between us which were the first and the last till he passed away.

The accident cause was still a mystery, police didn’t find any criminal act take place. That morning he drive his car but he went home during lunch hour and change to ride a motorcycle. When he is on his way back to work, maybe around 2pm the tragedy occurred. It was said that the bike he’s riding skidded at the roundabout where not many people pass thru except during peak hours.

The back of his skull crack and blood flows thru the back of his head, nose and mouth. Nobody see the incident and nobody pass by the road where his motor skidded, the path was vacate and very silent. He remains lying unconscious on the side of the road helplessly waiting for somebody to rescue him. His cell phone ringing, but nothing he could do. It was his fiancé calling so many times but it was no answer. After 2 hours later (after 4 pm-when people came home from work) passerbies get him to Serdang Hospital. Since he was lying there on a hot day for 2 hours he suffers a lot of blood loss.

At the hospital, he depends on the oxygen supply but his blood pressure was zero! The chance was 50-50. Doctors could not do anything about the bad concussion unless he has the strength to live. After 11 hours struggle between life and death, he draws the last breath at 1am.

Tomorrow morning police found the helmet that he wears at the accident site. His new bike was found with minor damage, and his helmet have a new scratch mark at the back side exactly at the same part he suffers the injury. Most of plant complex staff came to give a last respect at the morgue and travels to Muar for his funeral.

His mother and fiancé again took a last glance before he was buried. My colleague and I ourselves lowers his body into the grave. Sadness fills the air, even more badly when seeing his mother and fiancé crying during the funeral and ‘talqin’ recital. Just before Asar prayer, the funeral ends. After prayer more than half of us left for Putrajaya except those who ride with facility manager and operation manager. Nine of us attended the ‘tahlil’ as a wish (hajat) from the father. Later on we head home and stop for few times for meal and prayers. I arrived home in KL at 11pm tired.

Al-fatihah to Allahyarham Zulhasyimi.
dn: tak sangka pagi tu sebelum meeting nampak dia lalu dan salam2 dengan semua orang, dan 5 jam kemudian incident berlaku. dengarnya lunch hour orang ajak lunch tapi dia balik rumah untuk tukar motor. takdir..

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