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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Days Medical Leave

Last week I was given a 4 days medical leave due to headache and work stress, this was the longest MC’s I’ve ever had. At first I went to panel clinic and see the usual doctor that always preferred in the clinic. That night I told him everything that might be the cause of my health problems.

It seems that my health problems were getter worse since I was transferred to where I worked now. Among the reasons were the working days that even get calls on Sundays, to take care of more than one problematic place, the driving distance and the duration of time in the car stuck in traffic jams every working day. The doctor told me a few story of his friend who also gets similar problems as I do. And it is better for me to seek a specialist such as psychiatrist, and he wrote a reference letter to the specialist hospital for me to visit the next day.

So the next day, after having breakfast with my wife I went to the specialist hospital. But the specialist recommended was not there, so I told the receptionist that I still need to see one that day. And guess what? I was referred to a cardiologist!

So I went to see the specialist, at first we shake hand when we first met, and he told me “tangan awak sejuk!” (Your hand was so cold). I just sit silently, and he asks me what’s the problem? So I told him exactly what I told to the doctor in the panel clinic before.

“How’s your appetite?” he asked


“Having problem to sleep?”

“Yes, sometime awake every hour”


“Hmmmm” (I don’t remember how I answer this)

Then he explained
“Your working trends make you restless, normal people normally works five days or six, your distance from your home to workplace was quite far. Long hours you spent in your car, you should hear to music, or maybe you should apply to other job. Who is the owner of the company you worked in?”

“Datuk F”

“That guy must be filthy rich, has so many factories, where is he from?” so the conversation goes on until he ask

“How many days do you need to rest?” He asked

“Errrr… maybe today”

“What? One day was not enough for you, you need at least 3 days! Take the pill that I recommend
and I want to see you again another 2 weeks and we’ll see how you are doing”

“Thank you doctor” and we shake hand again and yet again he said


I just give a clueless smile, while in my mind answering, normally cold hand means that the person was having quite a bad stress. So that was the longest medical leave I ever had but I do hope it will be more than a month!

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