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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

supervisor, superior, VSS on your face

Last year at the same month now... I was searching for a job and attend several interviews, sadly the answer is no... Because I have no experience... what happens really make myself down. During that time I am just a temporary staff in Sepang International circuit... I nearly give up after I failed my last interview somewhere in Nilai. One day I went to lunch with my friend around KLIA area and bump into my former department manager back in 2002. I just ask is there any position there? He just simply replied “no...”

Later on few weeks later I bump into my last internship supervisor and ask the same question… and he replied “you call me after this and I will give you a number and a person to call”. So I did… the person in the phone instructed me to fax my resume to them and I did… I didn’t give much hope on this job and just trying my luck, a week later after my contract with SIC ended, a person that I call, meet me to give an offer letter and other document to work with the company where I worked during my internship without any interview but with recommendation from my former supervisor.

So happily I accept the offer… then I know what really happens in this plant… my former manager silently hate my supervisor… since I am close with my supervisor, he don’t want to hire anyone close with my supervisor. At the time he said no to me the company have been searching a suitable person for already 4 months to complete a project. Even though with my 8 month experiences in the plant before make me suitable to complete the maintenance project he can simply said no… just because of jealousy and hate…

The company hires me as a contract staff for a year and only has a day to get knowledge of the project from my supervisor because he is going back to study… I have just one day with my supervisor and the other time was with them who is in that managers side… here is where I gain the ability to work under pressure under minimum supervision with all the load of the project on my shoulder. The project should be done by a team but because of this politics between executives I have to complete it on my own with the help of non-executives. But 90% of load is on me… just try to imagine it yourself… during that time if I have explosives I will not regret to explode the whole office to dust…

Once I e-mailed my supervisor in the university about all this stuff… he just said “be patience and learn to obey your superior”… within 6 months I complete the project. it might not happens if I don’t have communication with my friends… but still all these executive motherf**ker and bitch in this plant not pleased with me… now I just play with this game until my contract ended and win the game… this company will be outsource soon, they all will be out of their job here and I get my bonus… hahaha… eat that f**kers!


  1. Bro,
    wa bace lu nyer bspot ... sedey pon ader ... tp ilek aa ... tabah kan atie ... dpt keje kat sudan pon ok gak ...

  2. take everything as cool as u can.. and everything will be allright



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