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Saturday, May 14, 2005

I Resigned

One week left before I resign from GDC, last week I give my notice of resignation letter to my plant manager, I feel that the plant was silent. Not like at the first time I join in this plant, it was by far different. My boss asked me which company I will join. So I tell him I will join the company that will take over GDC in KLCC… My boss just make a note on my resignation letter noting that he releases me from GDC…

And this week, the company that will take over GDC, come to my plant to give information about the outsourcing. And during the meeting the person who interviewed me in KLCC last week proudly announced to all people in the conference room that I am the first person will be hired by the company as their engineer. All people in the plant give a round of applause… I become wordless at that time; never in my life have I experienced the situation…

At the end of this month, again I have to be a trainee engineer, a turbo machinery trainee engineer in KLCC. So I have to move out from sepang and move somewhere in KL. The problem now is to find a new house in KL where is nearest to KLCC…

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  1. Hah keje kat KLCC sbenarnyer ada bnyk tmpt makan murah2 kat luar tuh hehe pepandaile carik




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