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Monday, August 01, 2005

Performance Review

hari jumaat lepas... secara mengejut ada performance review... bagitau pukul 10.. tapi performance review lepas solat jumaat... I feel there will be something wrong in it.. but I tell myself to be confident...

my maintenance manager make the intro to the review... but it is different.. performance review should be like a job interview... the staff should tell about what they do and all that stuff.. but this one... they talk and I listen... daymn! so I hear one by one point that he reviewed and I admit what he say some is true... and some are not.. I just say nothing..

then it is the turn of the plant manager... I listen one by one... totally I disagreed when he said I have no initiative... so to defend my self i tell him... last time I volunteer to work in day and night shift just for the sake of learning from the lowest staff in the organization until my real post as engineer, but he stop me to do that last time, because he said he want me to focused on mechanical handover... so I said what in the hell was that!! [silent... admitting his stupid fucking management i guess] but still he want to defend [ego?] " u can still join the shift at night" to hell with that... malas aku nak layan.. lantak kaulah 'mr sparkling' manage tak reti... mau cakap banyak.. sekali aku report sama director baru ko tau...

then it is the turn for this bloody bitch.. the operation manager... what in the fucking hell she has to do with maintenance engineer like me? still wants to comment about... my attitude?! FUCK! everybody else is ok with my attitude and u comment about my attitude?! WTF!!! I totally disagree with this bitch and defend my self... this bitch only making assumption from what she see... without knowing the real things happened behind... last time I use 'nenek' to pronounce her name with my friends... but now i pronounce her as A BITCH! patut la umur 40 tahun lebih tak kawen2 memang dasar BEEEEYAAAATTCCCHHHH!!! she licks the plant manager's ass to get credits..

after the performance review I tell all my colleague to condemn her during her overall performance review... and guess what... they also hate her since the first day communicate with this bitch...and some of em is making a big plan to make her miserable...

as for me... if I had a chance.. there will be something coming up for the things they do to me... or maybe just let what comes around, turns around...


  1. welcome to working life world!! ini barulah kehidupan sebenar.suka tak suka we have to accept it.
    Learn!bukan time skolah,time blajar aje kita learn!bila dah keja, mix around lagi byk yg perlu kita u dah nampak what these so called bitchy2 type of manager nak kan dlm setiap staff mereka?well,learn..lepas ni improve diri.sbb tu kerja or what ever kita buat mesti menonjol dari org lain.lebih2 lagi di KL.u have too..u suka,u x suka,bukan u totally..but first u mesti sedarkan diri u dulu.compose diri utk ubah diri,jati diri!jadi someone confident!make ppl respect u!make ppl envy u!
    its good u let it out apa aje yg ada kat dalam hati tu..lantak pi ngan org lain..u nak sebut bitch ke, sundal ke,fucking ke..blasah! but smua tu habis kat sini day pegi keja..compose diri.everyday mesti compose diri.everyday u mesti cleanse yr mind&body&attitude towards life & work! everyday mesti fresh! bila kerja ni mesti blaja rasa malu.malu tu ego! buang ego.belajar tebalkan nak cakap ape, cakap..boss nak kondem u biarkan. jadikannya sbg penyuntik semangat to b a better person.bukannya melemahkan diri u k!u lemah,u tertinggal..just standup!
    all d best to u ya!

  2. best la u punye komen! cayalah!!!
    respek! tabik spring!!!

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