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Monday, July 18, 2005

What Happened Last Week

Last week, I joined my staff in operation who worked in shift, I joined 2 days and 1 night but could not continue into the second night due to mechanical hand over and I have to supervise the new engineer who will be replacing me in KLCC. So I am not entitled for the 4 days off…

Last week also every executive get their business card, but me… the spelling was wrong and have to resend back to the HQ. But after sending back the plant manager asks the admin not to reprint my business card because later I will be transferred in other plant. Then when I meet contractors and supplier again they have to take my number because I don’t have my business card to give. What in the hell is this plant manager doing? What a stupid decision… (ni yang buat aku malas nak dengar kata nih... i will not obey his command later... rebel!!! yaaa!!)

Last week also the director meets me and tells me about my transfer. He said "Mie, kita akan amik alih power plant kat sana tahun depan.. so ko kena stay sini dulu train engineer baru sampai dia faham & confident.. kalau dia tak confident ko stay la kat sini baru padan muka ko nak sangat kena transfer..." adeh... terkena sebijik... tapi takpe... time hand over aku lanyak jek engineer baru nih.. kah kah kah...

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