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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colorful nite of Pattaya

It’s been a long time since my last blog. I think it’s normal between December and January, for closing and re-opening during year end and New Year. Some project need to be hold for a while. And now when it comes to end of January, everything started going to be at normal routine again. Except I have to cover all my work that I leave when I went to Thailand and outstation training.
Outstation training was like other ordinary training. While for turbo machinery in Thailand was also the same but the place and situation was different. From Malaysia only 3 companies join the course including PETRONAS and Talisman. It was five of us in the same flight to Bangkok. We arrived in Suvarnabhumi airport at 1330 Local time due to some mechanical failure of aircraft before taking off.
The actual location of the course was in Pattaya. It was at the Royal Cliff Beach Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels there. Arrived at the hotel, it was a warm welcome at the reception counter, with a nice cocktail. Siamese was a really nice people with smiles and greet you with that friendly ‘Sawadikap’ tagline. At the counter then I realize a big problem when my MasterCard was blocked overseas. Luckily, we have carry US Dollar bill enough to cover our stay in that hotel, which was charged 8000baht per day.
There are varieties of transportation to choose Taxi, Limo MPV, Tuk-tuk and even motorcycle taxi. Going out with a friend that was well verse with Siamese language was beneficial, the Tuk-tuk driver will not bring you to a place you don’t want to be, but where you want to go. Be careful with motorcycle taxi, if you want them to have a ride from the town to exclusive hotel, the normal cost of 200 to 400 baht could cost you 800baht when they saw the hotel you staying at.
For Muslim it is quite hard to find for Halal food since you could see every restaurant serves pork. But there is some restaurant from Syria that serves Halal food. Or else dine with sushi
Pattaya in early morning and late night was like ghost town and Las Vegas. All night club was on Open concept, so you could see Pole dancer while you’re walking along the main road. Along the main road there are some street of Gay club and Lesbian Club. We don’t even dare to walk along the gay street. We went to the ‘Aquarium’ to see how they do the legal prostitute business. If you just going to sit and observe you must order a drink, so we ordered coke and observe the foreigners customers. Most Russian came and sit for few minutes and choose one chick to the room, while Koreans normally sent their spouse and kid to shopping center then they do the same like Russian. It was the first time I see that type of aquarium with my own eyes. When we finish our coke we went out for souvenirs, sadly in Pattaya not much souvenir you could buy, maybe a fabric or silk. But I guess the people in Pattaya focused on night entertainment only.
Massage parlor is everywhere along the main street, one should try Thai massage or body massage. The cost would range from 300bhat to 450Bhat. When done sure you will feel sleepy.
It was a wonderful experience in Pattaya, maybe next time I would visit Bangkok maybe not so expensive as Pattaya.

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