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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why Did This Happened To Me?

It’s been a long time since my last blog again… I don’t know what has happened to me all this 2008. Was it a happy time for me? Or was it a real bad time for me? But today I don’t think I am happy. I just moved out from my rent house nearby the place I work, still unable to move those heavy closet by myself. Maybe today I get help from my colleague.

Moving out was not the main thing bothering my mind right now? Is it about my work? Is it my transfer status? Or is it about my Life? Damn! I don’t even know why I am creating this blog. But I think I know what’s bothering me… must be last night incident when I am hanging out with my friends watching movie was the one bothering me today. It’s the call that I get every night, I don’t want to talk to the same person without a point every night. Later on I was blame for this, for that, for everything for god sake! Nobody ever did this to me before but why did this happened to me? WHY?!

So many things playing in my mind right now. I felt so lonely in my office. The yahoo messenger I received this morning again from the same person last night again bothering me. After I was blamed for everything last night, then ask about vacation today? What in the hell was that? What am I in that persons mind? Doesn’t even care about what I need but just being self centered caring about what that someone need or luxury.

Now again I get the message from YM… damn! I hate it very much! And I answered “I was blame for everything last nite... and today ask me about vacation... the whole day since last nite was not a happy time for me”

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