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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Petrol Price

5th June 2008: a new history arises, today is the day when the petrol price in Malaysia increased to RM 2.70 per liter. Damn stupid Cabinet! With this price every daily needs/good will increase in price. Thus increase the rate of inflation.

For the cabinet members they don’t have to worry because their petrol was paid by the government or get allowance for the official car. While for the voters/civilian/commoners what do they get?

Yesterday evening I get SMS from My colleague that the price will increase 78cent per liter. Damn dawg! From the office at 6:30pm I head straight to the petrol station. My tank was half empty so I need to fill another half to make it full.

When I arrived at the petrol station… Whoaaa so many car la! I drive my car to the other end of the station and get a better queue just wait for 3 cars hehehe… I have to wait for just about 15minutes. When I drove off from the station I saw both entrance was full crowded with long queue maybe ten to fifteen cars on each row, and cause traffic jam. Thank god I made that quick decision.

I did tell my sibling to fill up their tank and my friend. And some others have to wait for hours to get their chance. Thank god again I made a good decision I’ve bought a fuel saving New Honda last year.

We should change the government! Sack Pak Lah!

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