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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ramadhan 08

Today, it’s already 24 September 2008, which is also 24 Ramadan, that means today is the 24th day of fasting month. How short it feels this month. There are some sweet feelings that I have in Ramadan each year. Feeling of serene and peaceful always comes after few days fasting. I think this feeling only come during Ramadan only. It is quite sad noticing that I have only 6 days left in this peaceful month.

It’s a money saving month, because there’s no breakfast and lunch except dinner. Normally I have to think what to eat for Iftar, which is normally heavy meal (rice) and sahur. I usually eat bread and dates for sahur; most of it was dates, pistachios and plain glass of water. It is simple isn’t it? But it is the source of energy for me. But yet there are few days I didn’t wake up, overslept, woke up and heard the subuh azan hehehe…

There’s always free iftar this month, and buffet dinner. My CEO invites all executive for iftar in Crown Mutiara KL; my sister treats in KLIA and Putrajaya, and other in Heritage and some other in KLIA. And I treat my family in Marché. Nice Swiss meal plus some traditional meal. But of course I preferred more western and pasta.

But there’s one thing to be worried, the engine was not arrived yet. The chance of balik kampong might ruin. Ooh! I don’t want to experience Raya in workplace. Have experienced it back in 2005 and I dont want to be here in malam raya ever!

If malam raya you are working and you heard Takbir Raya from the mosque nearby, tears will flows realizing you are suppose to be in your hometown helping your family for Aidilfitri preparation where everybody was at home. If there’s no one going to do the engine exchange, I will disappear no matter what…

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