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Sunday, July 10, 2005

My Life... Lately

Now... the training have changed...
sometimes i have to go for a technical course in Putrajaya...
while in KLCC i have to start working on shift..
4days work and maybe 4 days off...
but it could not be exactly 4 days off because we have to attend the course in putrajaya.. going for the course is somewhat fun! we can get away from the problem in klcc unless this one manager come along to the course.. [takleh la nak mengular] heheehe...
last nite, i went home to sepang... just having dinner and sleep on my superbly comfortable double king size dreamland bed... owh..
Few minutes after arrived i fell asleep... [gile best tido] wake up solat & watch AF3
and now less than 24hours later.. i'm already back in KLCC.. tonite..normally sleeping in the sleeping bag.. [nasib baik ada somebody who really care about me, msg nak tuck in bed everynite]
in term of expenses for dining everyday.. normally quite expensive but affordable for breakfast and lunch... but lately dinner time... can exceed more than 20... there goes my money to upgrade my old car...[kete kebal putih] << {macam NATO jek}
however.. having dinner with the one who care for me.. priceless...
she's one in a trillion!
sigh... if only i am her h....


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