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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Jubail Episode VI

Jubail Episode 6,

current weather forecast for today, it was now 44 Degrees, the hottest weather so far I've been thru in my whole life. outside it was no cloud at all and the sun is shining brightly I guess? even though today is thursday, I dont feel like going out in the temperature like this. better stay in my room and switch on the air conditioning to the max. hehehe... and today I heard the weather in makkah nearly exceed 50 degrees which is far more than jubail. last few days while working in plant I could feel that the weather getting hotter everyday. the humidity also increases slightly.
when u are outside for more than 1 minutes now, u already starts sweating. yesterday i wear safety helmet and safety glass as usual, but this time I saw a drop of sweat flows thru the safety glass, that was just after 5 minutes in the plant.

I could not place any picture because I dont have one. camera was not allowed in the plant gate area, only people with camera pass can take picture inside the plant. handphone was stictly prohibited not just inside the process area but also inside the plant gate. thats why I could only make a call using my cellphone before going to work or after back from work, but now I prefered to call only on weekends.

semalam ikut member keluar kat cafe somewhere at the other side of jubail. the cafe have two sides, one in air conditioned room and the open air area. pak-pak arab yang datang kat cafe tu semua masuk kat air cond room. since the other three was smokers, so terpaksa la dok kat open area gak.tu dah pukul 10 malam tapi temperature kat luar still panas, tapi nak buat camana terpaksa la layan jugak. diorang punye la lama berbual, me and the other one dok layan spiderman 3 movie sampai habis kat cafe tu. movie kat TV dah abis tapi smokers yang dok berbual ni masih rancak lagi dok berbual. sampai la mamat waiter filipin tu nak tutup kedai baru nak balik. tengok2 dah pukul 1230 malam. never been that late before outside. biasa abis lewat pun pukul 11 dah lena pun.

sedikit info pasal orang arab, maybe kita ingat orang arab ni semua baik, tak tinggal solat banyak buat ibadah lebih dari kaum2 lain di dunia.. tapi sebenarnya orang arab tak semua pun baik. yang jenis tak solat tu tak solat jugak. ada gak jenis yang bila baru dapat bos arab baru yang tak tinggal solat, orang2 bawah yang sebelum ni tak pernah nampak solat, baru nak start solat. bila nampak bos gi solat kat masjid semua pakat2 gi masjid. yang ni lebih kurang macam "ada maksud tersirat kot". sebagaimana ayat di bawah:

“Wahai manusia! Sesungguhnya tuhan kamu sama, bapa kamu sama (Adam). Ketahuilah! Tiada kelebihan orang arab ke atas ‘ajam (yang bukan arab),atau ‘ajam ke atas arab, atau yang berkulit merah ke atas yang berkulit hitam, atau yang berkulit hitam ke atas yang berkulit merah melainkan
ketakwaan” (Riwayat Ahmad dan al-Baihaqi)

(at this time i get a call informing that my grandmother died after few days unconscious. Al-Fatihah)
this Blog was written on thursday May 20, 2010 but was posted late after I heard the bad news and not in the mood to continue writing for this episode.

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