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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Today I discover one truth about life between the executive and non-executive. Life is unfair for the non-executive. Low paid and has to obey all rules made by the executive.

This executive do whatever they like. Broke the promise and being ignorance with everything about non-executive rights. Blocking the chances for best employee to get a job promotion is a common case. They mercilessly do this, as they want.

Since I was just a contract staff, not much I can help in this organization. Usually my boss asks me give them advise and help them to improve in their work grade. Recently I did in their supervisory program. However I feel aggravated when non-executives that I help have been stopped from being promoted one grade up, just because of miscommunication, which is caused by this bloodsucking HRM executive.

As for me, I’m neither executive nor non-executive, I’m without grade, I’m just a contract staff..

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