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Friday, April 15, 2005

Star Wars III

Boleh dikatakan aku ni memang star wars fan. cuma star wars from episode 4-6 je yang tak tengok kat cinema. episode 1&2 tengok kat cinema tapi sorang-sorang je gi tengok. kalau kat utp biasa gi tengok dengan geng-geng utp, tapi bila time star wars mesti time tu UTP tengah cuti semester.

star wars III: Revenge of The Sith is coming soon this May. nampak gayanya macam gi tengok sorang2 lagi la kot.. or maybe if somebody invite, i can go with 'em. if not.. like the old days.. tengok sorang-sorang..

last time after seeing star wars II, since long gap between star wars II and III, i thought during star wars III i will be in the cinema with a lady, but.. ugh.. like the old days again.. going alone.. i have only 2 weeks left.. could it make a difference? mmm.. we'll see.. This time the difference is, i'm not a utp student anymore.. already graduated..

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