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Monday, April 18, 2005

Losers back off

Today, i come to office as usual, punch my card, eat my bread for breakfast and attend morning meeting as usual. during morning meeting my boss join in to inform latest news about our company outsourcing.. he told us that one out of three company that trying to take over the plant operation in KLCC has backed off, since they did not satisfied with their share percentage in this company, so they backed off.. GDC KLCC staff have already celebrated this situation last friday in KFC KLCC..

For some staff in KLIA, this is the new hope to still stay working in the same place without fear of being transfered to west Malaysia. however, my boss said, GDC will still be outsourced in a year. for those who have got offer letter from other OPU, HRM will hold them until further notice.. this announcement seems making some staff mumbling and nagging about HRM stupid decission...

As for me.. i dont know what to say, last week i have posted my job application letter to the company that backed off! but strangely i felt like being fu-ck-ed off.. ! why? coz i have e-mailed the application to work in Sudan! Damn it! well.. the announcement is still new.. tomorrow we will get clear about this situation. AARRGGGHHHH!!!!

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