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Friday, April 22, 2005

Nasi Kandar bunga popi

Last Wednesday I went to one place in Nilai just to buy lunch with my friends, there was a restaurant there that serves ‘Nasi Kandar’. I just ‘tapau’ my nasi kandar, usually I ordered mutton but since everybody ordered fried chicken so I did order the same for myself. The difference between both is just the ‘kuah’, most customer loves to order fried chicken with that that ‘kuah Power’.

During lunch in the office pantry I did scoop more than I did before, but that kuah seems darker colored than usual and have some particle that seems like vege seed.. I just ignore it and eat it all. Later I went to pray and get back to my place to continue my work… few moments later I feel dizzy and very damn sleepy I never felt before at my office. I sit back and rest my head to my chair.. Then I feel like I’m flying and so is my mind ‘laloq’ semacam je… somehow still manage to ‘layan’ my buddies in Yahoo Messenger till dark.

Usually I went to gym but since I felt strange with my head I just went home, nothing happen during driving home, somehow still managed to buy something in ‘pasar malam’ in pekan Salak, nothing weird just somebody staring at me differently.. At home after Maghrib prayer I slept and woke up feeling better.. I told my sister about what happen that day and my sis said “ biasa la.. Org masak Nasik Kandar biasanya masukkan popi seed utk bagi power tak pun untuk bagi customer tak lari.. Kak ngah pun tak caya, tapi bila polis sendiri bagitau, bila makan nasi kandar dengan geng2 diorang untuk test betul ke tak, bila buat urine test suma didapati positive”. Hmm... quite unbelievable but since what happen to me that day makes me believe. I guess that I’ve been overdose of Dope seed that day. I think I should stick with lauk kambing..

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