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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Busiest Day Ever

From previous years working in this plant... yesterday was the busiest day ever! Its not just two or three contractor involved in the plant, but FIVE! This is excluding the vendor and supplier.

I came at 8 as usual; attend the morning meeting and signing permits. Normally after the meeting I have my breakfast but I had my breakfast at 11. Then I continue verifying contractors work with the owner, one of the contractors completed the work at 4, and then I had my lunch after that.

Later on yesterday I attended the daily engine exchange progress meeting. Meeting was as usual several percentage completed (26%) until they discussed about transmitter improvement. The turbo machinery specialist asks me to make the justification. With all this fucking busy moment he wants me to make justification! Then I relentlessly object “WTF should I make the justification!” it’s Solar who suppose to make the shit…

Every eyes fix on me… some seems shock, some blur and my boss slowly whisper to do the justification together to pacify the situation. But I am still unsatisfied and tell that bossy so called ‘specialist’ “this should be turn out from Solar” now those two solar just agree silently nodded.

If today that person requests me to do something I’m oppose to carry out, I’ll make sure he’ll get a harsh word indeed.

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