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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Sardine Ride...

This is the story of the last 2 days when I was going to work, this time by taking the trademark public transport in KL, the Putra LRT… booo… the last time I ride the LRT for work was last 3 months. Long eh?

At first my wife drive me to Wangsa Maju station, that day I was late, it’s already 0800hours when I was at the station. Nobody was buying the ticket at the counter, maybe because I was late or maybe others start using the monthly pass after the petrol prices boost because of that stupid PM.

Then I take the escalator up slowly ahead to the next level I started to see a swarm of people waiting for the train. Damn! Last time it’s not this crowded if I wait maybe I will be the fifth or seventh to get my turn. So I take the train heading the other way coz the putra terminal was just 2 stations away. And there are some other passenger taking the same train.

Once arrived at the station only a few leave the train seems like the other using the same strategy haha… I didn’t sit but stand just beside the door to make sure ease to move out from the train, but I’m standing on the opposite door where I suppose to exit. When the train arrived at the next station the train was almost full. Once arrived in Wangsa Maju station, guess what? The train already becomes human sardines can! This is a lot worse than last 3 months!

So I just stayed until the train reached the KLCC station. And most of the passenger exit there, it was a relief when I’m out of the train. Government should improve the public transport and amplify the frequency of public transport schedule.

Whatever it is people should blame Pak Lah… he’s the culprit of all Malaysian problems. “Short” live the PM!

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