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Sunday, July 06, 2008

GTG-A engine exchange

It’s been more than a week now working including Saturday and Monday, this is the first major maintenance of a co-gen Plant turn around after 5years of operation. I think all this month would be a twenty four seven works… work… and work…

It is not that I am not used to this, I’m used to this when I’m still a bachelor, but now I’m married and my age is going to be 30 soon. I think there is a change in my biological system and control. Today I woke up at 0800hours which is better than yesterday when I woke up at 0930hours. After shower I notice my nose was bleeding, some part of my newly wash towel turns light red color of my blood. I just ignore it until it stops itself.

It’s been a week I didn’t met my wife, but only see her thru video call thru my new Nokia last night. Handling once in 5 years heavy maintenance was quite boring though, everything was done by the contractors my job was just to supervise and get anything needed in time. Being the head of department with the major maintenance work was something frantic. Have to be on site, have to complete the report and et cetera in a time.

Old engine and generators have been removed and still waiting for new engine replacement tentatively this afternoon. Hmmm… I better start typing my report in the CMMS by now or else I will forgot the detail when Monday start.

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