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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Aftermath Meeting

Solar Taurus 60

It was the aftermath of all the hard work since last two month for the engine exchange work. The result, only gas turbine unit one was successfully completed. However for unit 2 the gas turbine engine lubes oil still leaking. Today it’s the meeting between the owner, operator, engine supplier and PETRONAS GCM.

Now the Owner did not mention about neck on chopping block again, but even worst the F-bomb explode! Not just F-bomb it also came in package with bloody hell and etc. since all those word explode, the PETRONAS guy who went to Pattaya with me last time tell the owner to calm down and let he handle the problem professionally.
The defect comes from the engine. The engine exchange was supposed to be something like item of plug and play engine. But when it comes with different specification other problem arise, not just the time delay, but the cost of maximum demand from TNB that have to be borne by owner. The finance manager will surely be investigated by Dato’, that’s what make him felt so stressed in the meeting.

The is the first time problem faced by user of Solar engine, and guess what… surely our workplace was marked in their history maybe as a lesson learn.

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