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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Contract Terminator

Boss called me this morning talking about the in plant contractors job. Mechanical technician was not around today, since I’ve already signed the leave application, because the reason was undeniable- rest. Yup, every single person in this plant was tired. It’s been a month and a half since the engine exchange work kick-off. And the work was about 75% completed.

I myself was still recovering from my fever, still coughing as yesterday. Not having enough rest, and I think that’s why currently my antibody was not strong enough to destroy and eliminate all those virus or what so ever bacteria harming and damaging my cell alive. And I was currently fighting all those unwanted bad micro-biological-organism with the pills so called antibiotic. These pills were not just weakened those bad “alien” but also weaken the beneficial bacteria in my intestine. And dump them to my kidney. What a pity…

Opsss… I think I’m going out of the topic, where did I stop just now? Owh... The contractors… it is actually about the contract that I have to review, if it was not satisfactory the contract might be terminated. It was my job as the department head, but it was so not me to do this… I have to make some changes, make a partnering system maybe, if it is not working maybe I’ll try other solution.

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