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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hurricane of the Dawn

Earlier yesterday morning, there was a storm maybe in shape of cyclone or some small tornadoes take place at my workplace. It was near dawn, I was still sleeping that time it wasn’t Subuh time yet.

At first I heard sound like a stone hitting a steel pillar few times while sleeping, maybe it’s an ice rain… then few minutes later, come this horrifying whistle of wind similar sound like a tornadoes in a cinema with Dolby surround system but a little bit lauder… but the sound of stone hitting a steel pillar still continues. All this sounds bothering my sleep.

At that time I thought I was just dreaming, until I feel the wind in my room! At first it was just like a slow fan, but then it gets stronger than a blower, my room door was closed! Even the main door was closed. Soon the sound gets lauder, and I felt the chill, I woke up and trying to observe what is happening outside, it was still dark but I could see debris and something like water droplet flying horizontally. I never see such seen before, I lay back on my bed stunned, and repeatedly pray “La haula wala quwata illa billah” to prevent anything bad happens.

After nearly an hour, everything stopped, I look outside, miraculously it’s like nothing had happened before. But at the living area, papers that have been stick on the wall hanging which seems like somebody is trying to pull it off from where it stick, and found out some lighting malfunctioned outside.

I wonder how this wind could be strong even it is inside a room… first time in my life I experience this… now I know how it feels like to live at tornado alleys, but this is just the minor one and not in tornado alleys such as Texas, Colorado and etc which is much more stronger and destructive.

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