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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Neck on Chopping Block

This happens yesterdays during meeting between the owner of the co-generation plant and the contractor of the gas turbine engine exchange. We as the work supervisor were given the authority by the owner to manage everything within our power.

The situation now is the gas turbine re-commissioning was having trouble with lube oil leakage during running once the engine get warmer. Since this project was outstanding for a week, the director of finance gets involved in the meeting. This includes the manager of the contractor itself.

The owner was not satisfied with the condition of the machine and don’t want to accept the engine as per agreement. Now the owner have to bear the cost of electricity and gas (which price already increase 100% after PETRONAS Gas revise price) owners wanted the contractor to bear the cost if the job not completed within time. But the contractor’s manager refuses to give the warranty to the owner.

The director gets heated and says “are you willing to put your neck on the chopping block?” whoa... everybody looking at each other. (Wonders the face of the contractor manager looks like? Like celcom advert in the TV date with monkey) not only that the director include the example as Proton Perdana (he previously used). “Do you think that if I buy a Proton Perdana today and tomorrow find out the gearbox have a problem I have to pay the cost of the repair?” (Proton Perdana MB Terengganu kes tgh hangat). “Kenapa tak berani bagi warranty sedangkan engine ni sepatutnya dalam keadaan baik?” Ini lah kelemahan kaum ‘kita’ sepatutnya kita sebagai bangsa melayu patut berpegang kepada kata dan sanggup memberi sesuatu untuk dijual dengan jaminan yang baik”.

There you go, I learn a new phrase about the chopping block thing… now I could use it among other contractor though… hehehe

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