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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One wedding and 1 MC's

Hari ni hari keempat selepas balik dari my hometown for my sister’s wedding. It’s a surprise when I arrived home and see my eldest sisters brand new car the Honda Accord Euro Type-R imported direct from Japan, harga lagi murah than my car lak tu.

My mom chooses the date for the wedding. Biasa la many people take a date of 08/08/08 as a wedding day. Mostly Chinese la kot. Tengok-tengok balik macam dah plan plak, my second younger sister married on 06/06/06 and the brother 07/07/07 and the latest one 08/08/08. Exactly a year and a month and a day later.

This time I reach home near Maghrib time coz I went to a seminar earlier that morning. Since the evening session was not related to mechanical part, so I escape, and directly “balik Kampung”. Akad nikah was carried out at my kampung’s mosque. There, my role was as a photographer and sit beside tok Imam just before it begins. Thus there’s no photo of myself inside the ceremony.

The brother in law was from Malacca, so just after the ceremony and banquet, the in laws family directly heads home to Malacca before the Jumaat prayer. Most of the invited guest arrived after the Jumaat Prayer. The ceremony ended at 8 I guess. I thought I could rest as usual after that, but it’s not happening as I thought. It was restless with all sort of thing.

The 2nd day it’s a farewell for my elder sister at the Sultan Ismail airport. I guess this is the last time I will see my sister before she departed for Dubai following her husband who got a job there. The next day, the married couple departed for a honeymoon. I and my wife departed for KL few hours later of course with my ‘Mugen’ Honda hehehe… jadik le rally driver.

The next day I was not feeling well, and a day after I take a medical leave, tonsil problem again, maybe because of not enough rest. And here I am today still coughing in the office hehehe… but getting better

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