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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recovered at last

Today, after 2 weeks of illness and flu, (as I previously posted in my last blog last week about getting better) and now it is a week later. Now I’m fully recovered. Not coughing and not sneezing. The matter that supposes to be completed in the plant was not happening as planned. The engine should be completely tested and re-commissioned yesterday, but the defect was still there. That’s what makes lube oil leaking from the engine when the engine was running on load.

I have planned for all major maintenance to be completed before the fasting month so that we could work minimum on fasting month and celebrate aidilfitri without thinking so much about the work in plant. up to now 8 equipments already inspected by department of safety and health (DOSH) and one gas turbine engine completed with engine exchange, and another engine seems like we have to wait maybe till October.

Whatever it is, I will still celebrate my raya at my hometown maybe longer than usual since I still have 18days left for leave. Maybe I could save some if I’m going to hop to another company… ahaa… I think I should contact them now.

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