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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

move out

Yesterday, I moved out from the beach view service apartment and I get a new apartment just beside the center of the town. Previously at the beach view or a so called dream home I live with my Malaysian friend. He already rent a new house a an area called water tank, because there was one big water tank at the area. At first he invite me to live with him and another friend at the house, so I bought something as a preparation to live in an unfurnished house. But as a start I just buy two pillow.

Later that night we went to the house, it was my second time then I realize, there was just one mini market (Panda) and just one restaurant. Then I said to myself, “I couldn’t live in the house like this” in the daytime the area was so hot. You know how it looks like in Saudi Arabia the desert colored and the heat, the sand and the dust. So I make up my mind I should not choose this accommodation for a month or two.

Later that day I told him, I will move to al-ahjam apartment, the apartment that we lived before back in May and June this year. So on 24th my ex-housemate moved to his rented house and I moved to Al-ahjam. The only choice they have to offer was just a studio apartment for single person. So I moved in, the bed was nice enough and the bathroom was quite large if compared with the dream home, and I don’t have to share it.

The difference this time was, the internet line was not so good. Thus I make a decision to buy a broadband just down the road 50m away from my apartment. I could not live without internet even though there were satellite TV. There are more than 500 channels and 95 percent was in Arabic. And last night I had a good sleep, a good dinner and an access to internet. Hopefully there wont be any interruption to the broadband connection in the weekend.

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