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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Have you ever imagined

Have you ever imagined about our world and universe?

Earth if compared with smaller planet
Earth if compared with Jupiter and Saturn
we realized how small the earth, and we are living in it
If compared with the sun
Now you see the size of earth, how small....
If compared with Arcturus 
At this scale, the earth was no longer visible, and the sun is just as a size of pebble 
Compared with Antares
At this scale the sun is just a size of a dust
Antares is the 15th star and the brightest in the universe. the distance was about 1000light years from earth. of all this who we are?
what is the purpose of our life?
what makes our life valuable? 
and we are thinking we are very powerful in this world!
but the truth is we are too small and even nothing if compared to Allah S.W.T the creator of the whole universe...

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