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Monday, April 09, 2012

Resignation letter

eric rasa kalau nak resign yang epic boleh la hantar resignation letter seperti yang di bawah especially bagi mereka-mereka yang bekerja di.. negara unta ni.. amacam? ada bran?

Dear Mr. Al-Boss:

I'm thrilled to inform you that I'm resigning.

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to inform you that I’m resigning. I’ve hated worked for the company since the day I was hired. I don’t like the work, I don’t like my fellow employees, and I don’t like you.

I am tendering my resignation effective immediately and I’m heading for the open road. I know you would like me to help you with a transition, but I won’t. Have fun figuring out the files on my computer. I can’t even figure them out most of the time.

Oh, speaking of computers, you’ll need to figure out the passwords to all our online resources. I forgot to keep a list of them, so have fun with that.

I’m sure you’d like to have a going away party for me. However, I’m not interested in the stale cookies and nasty punch that constitutes saying goodbye at this company.

Don’t worry about writing me a reference, even though I’m sure you’d be glad to recommend my work. I don’t need or want one. I don’t need references where I’m heading. So, consider our bridges burnt.

See ya,

Happy To Be Gone

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  1. hahahaha...leh la try....mesti gempak gilerz...wakakaka



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